Triumph / Press

“Triumph members Rik Emmett, Mike Levine and Gil Moore sit down with host Redbeard for an honest, heartwarming and hysterically funny interview about how this three-piece Toronto outfit made it in North America, first as an upstart live act and then as platinum selling recording artists.”

“At one point in my life, I never thought reconciliation and reunion was possible. Both have occurred. In my heart, I now believe that more things are possible in this life than I gave myself (and others) credit for.”

"It's great to finally be able show the world TRIUMPH's reunion show at the Sweden Rock Festival," says Mike Levine."It certainly is one of the most memorable performances of our entire career! And they said it would never happen."

“Joseph “Jayell” James, Triumph’s drummer, is ecstatic for this release and states, “Well, I guess this is our first release as a full line up. Our last couple of releases people left the band before completion.”

“In my humble opinion, the Triumph show was the best on the road. I like to refer to it as an EXTRAVAGANZA. The moving trusses, lasers and pyro...all synched to the music.”

“Triumph has touched a lot of lives with their intense love songs and heavy-as-steal metal anthems. Their style and presence is from an era when it was all right to shed a tear to a song as well as rock out to it.”

“Triumph pushed the limits of Arena Rock to the max with their legendary live shows and virtuoso playing. Add to it some of the most recognizable and celebrated radio classics ('Lay It On The Line', 'Hold On', 'Fight The Good Fight' and 'Magic Power'), a vault full of gold and platinum sales awards for their ten studio albums and there you have one of the most successful rock acts of the 1970‘s/1980’s!”

“Most writers remain cold towards Triumph’s fiery stage act, which, stresses Levine, is an integral part of the band. Even when the group was struggling on the Toronto circuit, "We were the only band with a tractor-trailer parked out front. Whenever we played a club it was a big extravaganza, and they’d line up around the block for it."”