“ I really like the music on "Frustrate". Good job Travis!”

Stephanie Albrechtson - myspace comment

“Is he not the chosen one? Is he not to bring balance to the force?”

Michael Mcginty - myspace comment

“Your music is awesome (it takes pure art and talent to do what you do).”

VIOLESK - myspace comment

“I really like your stuff too, especially Aural Fixation. Keep up the good work! - Andrew”

Anchored Cross - myspace comment

“Keep up the good work I really like Aural Fixation! See you around and take care!”

Jose Martinez - myspace comment

“Mar 17, 2007 10:20 AM Right on! Wicked sounding stuff! All the best... -VS”

Vesperian Sorrow - myspace comment

“ TITLE: "8" Now this is some cool stuff you've done here... mixing Rock, Techno and Experimental. It makes for a storm of orchestration that certainly stands alone. Yet, unlike the chaos that usually comes with any experimental style, you manage to harness it and make it play its part in the composition. What you end up with is a structured musical work containing some of the most intriguing sounds I've ever heard. You have a gift, Tritanta. This is some excellent creativity taking place in your music. The result is a rockin' song in a signature style that is all yours. Take this one to a club! Timothy S. Klugh”

Timothy S. Klugh - myspace comment

“ Your stuff is the shit I tell ya! Hope you are good, miss ya lots.”

Taryn Law - myspace comment

“ Your tracks area amazing. You have an otherwordly element to your music. I would love for you to send a few bass riffs. I would definitely credit you for them.”

VIOLESK - myspace comment

“Hey Trav- You are AWESOME!!! You have outdone yourself this time! I love Mouse Master! Keep me posted*”

Tami Kinnison - myspace comment

“ Very trippy stuff here. I love it!”

Majestic - myspace comment

“ your music KICKS ASS!!!!”

SMACK - myspace comment

“I must say I really liked mental space the most. Personal preference, no doubt, as it all exhibits creativity and skill.”

All my Personalities - myspace comment

“ MONOLITHICAL!!!!!!!!!”

Jason Evans - myspace comment

“Jun 7, 2007 10:33 PM Wow, dude, these songs are hard as fuck! Quite Impressive!!! These songs make me think of bodily organs exploding with too much blood flowing through them. Nice!”

All my Personalities - myspace comment

“I love the opening to "frustrate"...actually I really enjoyed the whole song..kinda stripped down and really nice.”

BETWEEN DA'keys - myspace comment

“ hey dude, digging the tunes, really, really cool, all the best, declan”

MAKO - myspace comment

“ Hey there! One Man Jam Master... excellent, but 5 stars (or kudos if you prefer) for Frustrate! Leave that video here! :)”

Kimberley - myspace comment

“I've been checking your stuff and it's original and refreshing ...keep up the good work See ya Miguel MG71”

Miguel Gayarre - myspace comment

“yer shits pretty ill”

HeadfoneHead - myspace comment

“Really dug your music..Extremely Unique......Killer phat beats! I will check out your other site also..Really liked the artwork too! ”

Zen Se7en - myspace comment

“ just like in Ergonomicon you got some pretty solid stuff here. I really like I Need, its got a really badass riff.”

Steve Long - myspace comment

“Oct 22, 2007 6:43 PM Hello Travis i had a listen to one of your youtube players.Your a damn good musician my friend.Keep it up and shoot for your dreams.... Peace Rich!”

Ohio blues - myspace comment

“We like you sounds here.”

ZS concept - myspace comment

“ Intresting project you have bud! Nice to see you are still at it. I have been following your sound for a while just lazy and never reply ;) thanks for the post and keep up the good work.”

NOTWHOLE - myspace comment

“hey dude, awesome riffs on your vids dude, you take care too, ben”

Mastermind of TOI - myspace comment

“ thanks bro, you've got some pretty hard licks. keep rockin!”

Comes The Horsemen - myspace comment

“ Its about time you get noticed! How've you been? I've just been taking it easy- being pregnant! Talk to you soon!”

Tami Kinnison - myspace comment

“Cool stuff you have here! Keep rockin' and keep in touch. Peace”

Rod DeGeorge - myspace comment

“I checked out some of your songs and I like the diversity and the interesting nature of the recordings. Thanks again!!”

Lust Outfit - myspace comment

“ Whoa, dude, that "Friends" song is really something else, man!”

All my Personalities - myspace comment

“I have been listening to your music clips. Pretty awsome !”

Jeni Soule - myspace comment

“ Thanks for visiting! I dropped in for a listen and rather enjoyed Blinding Light. ”

Obliquai - myspace comment

“ WOW! You've been very busy creatively while my computer went AWOL! Love all the new tracks from Mad-Vice!”

Kimberley - myspace comment

“ Hello Tritanta very nice music on your space ”

Apjiw - myspace comment

“u have some trippy ass tunes”

Take this to your grave - myspace comment

“ hey wsup. Xilu is Hot. It got a crazy blues funk feel to it. with the element of good old fashioned rock”

Project:Fr3sh - myspace comment

“Great music, like it!”

Geli - myspace comment

“ ARTIST: Tritanta TITLE: Red Rover Fantastic retro sound covering a techno hip hop work... This is quite different than what I've heard from Tritanta before and kudos to this artist for so boldly challenging his comfort zone. This is what it takes to expand one's portfolio as a composer. I must say, it is the keyboard that I liked most from this song's orchestration. Over all, this work is quite the experience! ”

Timothy S. Klugh - myspace comment

“ red rover is tiight!”

G-quence - myspace comment

“ Dude, Spirits Play is killer! Good job!”

All my Personalities - myspace comment

“ Hey Travis, whats up?? I finally checked out your music...... WICKED SICK DUDE!! I love it! When your cd is done are you gonna put it into music stores??”

Richard Constantino - myspace comment

“ Thank you! The videos you have posted Travis are very interesting. There's alot of atmosphere behind your sound. I enjoy it”

Mark Leisz - myspace comment

“Your tunes are rippin'”

Randy Blossom - myspace comment

“ Thanks bro real talk..... Keep it rockin!!!!”

Prota - myspace comment

“.Finally, Just spent the last two hrs checking out more of your stuff, You are amazing!!!!!!!!!! Good for you my friend! I plan on showing this to my boys when they get here..... Way to go Trav!!!!!”

Becky Sutherland - myspace comment

“ I like them all... they kick ass.....”

Amberley Miller - myspace comment

“Jun 21, 2009 11:21 AM nice guitar work youve got here!”

Jonny Jitters - myspace Comment

“keep up the good work,metal regards!!”

Requiem Laus - myspace comment

“ What up Trav thanks 4 the luv n support bro u are a very talented dude too and im gonna have to check that out 4 sure... LiL Dee”

Lil Dee - myspace coment

“I'm Travis's number one fan he has a very unique sound that sets a precedent for real musicians.”

Letitia Carney - Spoken Words

“YOu sound so Wonderful :) I am Glad to see you doing well! You impress me!!”

Phecda_y - Reverbnation Comment

“love the riff on 'I need' Jun 21”

Morbid Pitbull - Reverbnation Comment

“Jets to July: This is really cool. Heavy, weird, and beautiful all at the same time!”

Jets to July - Revernation Commment