Tripp 'N' Dixie / Press

"I was very impressed With Tripp 'N Dixie Sat. Night There the real deal and have the complete package The Sound The Songs and The Look I am looking forward to working with them again...and I should add they have The Fans,,,a lot of people were in the house that night to see them and they were the OPENING band...Congrats on the New Cd and See you soon... "

Doug Podell - Doug Podell of 94.7 WCSX

“While they are still apparently in the formative stage, with no album released as of this writing, Tripp 'N Dixie, from the small Detroit suburb of Clarkston are apparently starting to make waves in their local scene, garnering positive reviews opening up for larger acts such as The Parlor Mob, Taddy Porter and Saving Abel with their guitar driven retro hard rock influenced music. Although there isn't much info provided on their online bio, simply stating they are a "Four-piece Rock 'N' Roll group influenced by classic rock and blues with a modern edgy vibe", their music speaks for itself. Not too dissimilar to what rising stars in the making Rival Sons have produced on their excellent sophomore offering 'Pressure & Time', if they keep on the path they're going they very well may prove to have their own fervent following in the not too distant future. For more info on the band go to this location.”

“The show was opened by Clarkston's own Tripp N' Dixie who got the crowd warmed up with a set full of soulful rock music. The band has been gaining recognition after recently opening for Taddy Porter and Saving Abel. Their southern rock tinged music fit in well on that tour and Saturday they were the perfect opener getting the crowd on their feet and moving along.”