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“Tripping the Mechanism drops video, gets featured in movie.Local metal band Tripping the Mechanism released a new video last week for their single “Eye to the Skies.” Off the EP Potestas Virtus, the graveyard-set video came together with the help of cameramen Brad Stultz and Cutter, their drummer. The three-piece revealed they also have plans to drop a new seven-inch record late this spring or early summer 2016. The band also announced this week that their track "Unspeakable" will be featured in the movie Killer Waves by James Balsamo of Acid Bath Productions.”

“Even though it is a few years old now, I fear most of you fine Sludge Metal connoisseurs have missed out on this gem so far. Tripping the Mechanism is a three piece Sludge Metal band from South Carolina, with a vocalist of each gender and their particular style of music it's easy to draw comparisons to a band like Kylesa, but they manage to sound even darker, closer to Kylesa by way of Crowbar, if anything. With two quality vocalist having wide enough ranges that they can pull off everything from the harsh vocals to the clean, their possibilities are pretty much endless in that department.”

“North Charleston-based metal threesome Tripping the Mechanism are busying themselves preparing new material for a couple of recording sessions coming up this fall. The plan? The band will release one studio EP for vinyl and a split live LP recording with North Carolina psych doom-metal outfit Mountain of Judgement. At the moment, they’re working on two particular songs, according to bassist/vocalist Paisley Addams. “It’s an organic process that we all approach collectively,” she says. “The songs are their own entity; we’re just the vehicle of travel … For us, they have a cathartic role whether they know it or not.” This weekend, Tripping the Mechanism takes time out for a Charleston gig with bands that Paisley says all complement each other. “We’ve got Parasitik Twiins playing with us, an industrial band out of Hickory, N.C., and they really are twins,” she says. “We’ve also got Helgamite, bringing their dark psychedelic Appalachian doom.”

"What kinda shit is that?!!!

Some guy in the audience - The Sound Hole, Myrtle Beach S.C

“It's a glorious time to be a fan of metal. Queens of the Stone Age have a new disc out, Kylesa's got one at the ready, and the mighty Black Sabbath have returned from the grave thanks to Rick Rubin, the man who resurrected Johnny Cash. It's also a good time to be a Charleston metal head. While many Lowcountry hard rockers don't get a lot of play outside of the Summerville-North Chuck hard rock scene, quite a few of them are more than just a little bit of all right. They're fucking badass. Right now, one of my favorite's is Tripping the Mechanism. We've got a little article on them running tomorrow, but I just wanted to give you a chance to listen to them. Big ups if you like chick vocalists — and no, I'm not talking about that Evanescence bullshit either. Be sure to listen to "The 12 Labors of Hercules" and "Voices Inside the Rotting Mind." ”