Triple Chicken Foot / Press

“If you think hoedowns are the sort of country-fueled entertainment you only get wind of at a coffee shop somewhere along I-5, you are long overdue for a two-hour serving of Triple Chicken Foot. The "Foot," as the fiddle-banjo-guitar trio is known, is a citified version of an old-time string band that's often served up with a side of local home brew; fiddler Ben Guzman is a co-founder of the Yeastside Brewers. With Mike Heinle on banjo and Kelly Marie Martin on guitar, the band fortifies the quarterly square dances at Lincoln Heights' HM157. Here, you can expect to find as many tattoo-covered biceps swinging to that fiddle beat as weather-beaten ones. But if full-on contact sports like square dancing are outside your comfort zone, the trio also hosts open jams the first Thursday of every month at 1642 bar. Still not convinced those California Traditional Music Society-approved tunes fit your current iPod profile? Think of it as a fancy beer-and-banjo pairing dinner.”

“Picking up where the CWB left off was L.A. act Triple Chicken Foot, a fantastic trio that impressed equally with superb vocal harmonies and virtuoso musicianship. The old-time string band’s fast-paced set allowed Ben Guzman (fiddle, mandolin), Mike Heinle (banjo) and Kelly Marie Martin (guitar) to solo across a wide range of Americana and roots music.”

“In Los Angeles, old time music is generally what plays on the classic rock station. And then there’s very old time music. A local group of musicians and dancers is squaring up to reinvent the urban hoe-down in Los Angeles, complete with traditional American music, dance calling, and the do-si-do. Triple Chicken Foot is a Los Angeles based old-time band that has played together for a little over five years. Kelly Marie Martin, singer and guitarist in the band, described to KPCC’s Alex Cohen how the trio is attempting to put on interactive social experiences for the city, not just concerts.”

“Meanwhile, the Mustang Stage served up a pair of proto-country acts. Triple Chicken Foot is a trio that models itself on early 20th century forebears such as the Carter Family and Charlie Poole.”

“My other focus at Stagecoach has been the Bluegrass musicians. A great discovery, brought in from Los Angeles, was Triple Chicken Foot on the Mustang Stage on Sunday, who should be sought out by those living in the LA area.”

“Old Time Jam at 1642:If you haven’t been to 1642 bar in Echo Park/Historic Filipinotown down there on Temple, you are missing out! Picture this: Great beer, great wine, friendly service (rare in LA!), and the cool atmosphere of a recently-remodeled-though-not-overdone 1940s building with the decor to match. On tap this week: Eagle Rock Brew’s Populist IPA, Allagash Black, Lost Abbey Port Shark Attack, and North Coast Scrimshaw Pilsner. Yum! The monthly Old-Time Music open Jam from 8:00 – 11:00 pm. The event is hosted by Triple Chicken Foot, an old-time string band that will get your heels a-clackin’ and will give you the urge to pan for gold.”

“This past Saturday, November 13th 2010, Megan Hobza’s Birthday party, in conjunction with the Fall Square Dance Social, filled up the house and backyard with almost too much good old fashioned FUN! Delectable cupcakes invaded the living room, Eastside Brewers provided the tasty home brew backyard libations, Charon’s cider satisfied the non-alchy desires, and Shelly’s gut sticking chili was a big hit. Triple Chicken Foot fired up the tunes, and as soon as I threw the dances down, folks tore up the dance floor. Newbie Caller, Julia Wells, took her turn at the mic with a smashing version of Dive For the Oyster. Blues guitarist all the way from England, Tom Rodwell, provided an amazing set during the dance intermission. Thank you also to Madame Pamita for providing tarot readings.”

“Members of old-timey folk ensemble Triple Chicken Foot live within stumbling distance of Echo Park's 1642, and as dutiful purveyors of their local saloon, they hold the Old Time Jam every first Thursday of the month. When its leader Ben Guzman isn't home-brewing, the band plays old-fashioned tunes on the banjo, stand-up bass, and fiddle. But this event isn't just about the headliners; it's a community-wide jam-session, open to anyone who wants to join in on the fun. And since the Old Time Jam features nothing but traditional songs, there's no excuse not to pick up that rusty harmonica and play along.”

“TRIPLE CHICKEN FOOT, or “The Foot” to their many fans, delighted the audience during their outdoor stage set. The trio’s old time, high-energy music had generated plenty of phone calls when they performed live, on multiple occasions, on radio’s “Tied to the Tracks.” (They’re the ones who conceived and produce the annual “Los Angeles Old Time Social” every May, as a three-day festival.) They attracted a clogger to dance at the foot of the stage, and a square dance caller formed a conga line through the crowd to collect participants for a big concentric square dance while they played. Big fun.”

“Triple Chicken Foot pleaded with the audience to feed their sheep in a craggy howl, a damning, quirky gospel admonition.”

“Having been up and down the west coast attending various OT festivals and gatherings, The Foot wanted square dances in LA! They saw square dancing as the next step in community redevelopment and of course another opportunity to play music. In 2009 they put on over 10 dances! More are planned for this year. They have been thrown on traffic circles, at bicycle events, and community gatherings of all types.”

“The crowd instantly awoke when Triple Chicken Foot got on stage and began a capalla, "Tell me who did Jesus mean when he gave his sermon, please? Was it you or was it me? ... He said if you love me, feed my sheep!" The song has that wonderful sinner vibe that gives old-time music its edge, the prayers of rebels who have seen a thing or two, or for innocents who would nail themselves to the cross on a daily basis just in case.”

“So what is the big deal about square dance? Well, it seems to be one of the best "audience participation" events around...a square dance "audience" IS a performer. Triple Chicken Foot and Cory Marie are there to get you to dance. There is no audience, only participants.”