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"Give Trip Effect one listen and you'll immediately realize what's missing – the electric overload of most rock made today – and shortly afterward it becomes clear that you don't really miss it at all. The compression, overwhelming amplification and high volume that accompanies radio rock sure seems to be making a lot of noise...but to what end? Stripped down and bare, with the lyrics, chord progressions and melodies front and center, it makes more sense that bands would want to sound like Trip Effect...." "...Running with the ball where it was dropped by bands like Stone Temple Pilots and Days of the New,Trip Effect's bold, warm, but surprising songs will catch you off guard in the best way." "Hot on the debut of their debut EP Second Life, Trip Effect are working that momentum with a run of shows in the Illinois area, highlighted by a show with progressive rock champions O.A.R. at the Rave..."

“This unique trip of musicians impressed this reviewer with a contemporary rock sound that was laced with heartfelt yet energizing music. The music alone had this certain kind of momentum unfortunately hard to describe in which each member immersed themselves into Trip's songs. Yet, that's barely the tip of the iceberg about this new band rising super fast within Chicago's music scene... Trip Effect being such a young band, has accomplished much within a short amount of time, blogspot readers. Besides a mention in the December issue of Illinois Entertainer and an on-air interview at Fearless Radio, they opened for Sister Kill Cycle and Mechanical Animals (a Marilyn Manson tribute band) at Penny Road Pub... Meanwhile, someone at Elbo Room told Eric (Trip's drummer) that they sound like "...Dave Matthews on steriods...". This reviewer highly recommends checking out this hot rising band - Trip Effect ...one mind-blowing experience. ”

"I was fortunate enough to come across a band called Trip Effect. The name caught my eye, but the music hooked me for life. These guys know how to rock and prove once again something most musicians have forgotten. That is, that the acoustic guitar can be a powerful rock instrument when used that way by someone who knows how. Whether they go acoustic, electric, or both; Trip Effect has that powerful presence that makes you not only WANT to listen, but listen to and want even more. These guys are awesome to work with and have a great sense of humor. They are very humble about their music; but with tunes like 'Rain' 'Dead Man Walking' 'Fates Reach' and 'Past The Edge', they have everything to brag about. Great song writing, great vocals, and great music ability make Trip Effect a band that we'll all be enjoying far into the future."

Michael Angel - Michael Angels Cosmic Grab Bag

“A band from Rockford, Trip Effect, is coming to Elgin for the first time. It will be playing at The Gasthaus, 15 N. Grove Ave., on Saturday. Doors open at 5 p.m. and there will be at “The Gast” that night. According to the band members of Trip Effect, the Elgin show is going to be an exciting night, as it will be only three days later that its EP finally will be ready for official release... The band’s name, “Trip Effect,” comes from the fact that this music project is the effect of the power-trio’s own life journey/trip — a “universal journey that life takes each and everyone of us on,” as they like to put it... “If there is one thing the members of Trip Effect would like the people of Elgin to know,” says bass player Lynde, “it is this: Our number-one objective is to share this gift that has been given to us. We really just want a chance to let some people hear our stuff and rock out with us at the same time...” (click link for full article)”

“ROCKFORD — The local band Trip Effect will play Rocky's Bar & Grill on Dec. 3 to promote their forthcoming "Second Life" E.P. The pre-release party will feature giveaways by the band, as well as a preview of some of songs off their new release. For their relatively short lifespan, Trip Effect has already garnered some degree of success. Mike Angel of the Cosmic Grab Bag podcast called them "something fresh, new, something truly up and coming," and the band is also currently in the lead for Alternativeaddiction.com's "Next Big Thing" contest. The show is free, and will start at 9:30 p.m. Rocky's is located at 5314 N. Second St. in Loves Park. For more information about the band,visit www.facebook.com/TripEffect.”

“Rockford band Trip Effect is set to release its EP, Second Life, Tuesday, Dec. 13, at The Elbo Room in Chicago. Prior to the official release of the EP, the band will have a “pre-release” show beginning at 9:30 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 3, at Rocky’s Bar & Grill, 5314 N. Second St., Loves Park. The Dec. 3 event at Rocky’s will feature no cover charge and drink specials. Trip Effect is Derek Carley on vocals/guitar, Eric Colvin on drums and Aaron Lynde on bass. According to Lynde: “Our music portrays the effect of the journey life takes each and every one of us on, and this project is the culmination of that journey for us. We are a power trio that formed in Rockford, last July.” Trip Effect will also play at Shooter’s North inside Forest Hills Lanes, 7742 Forest Hills Road, Loves Park, beginning at 9 p.m, Saturday, Nov. 19. The band also plays Jak’s on South Park, 723 S. Park Ave., South Beloit, Ill., at 6 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 23, with no cover charge.”