Trinity Ward / Press

“If there were a mind control camp for cinematic sci-fi and dark ambient music Trinity Ward would be the CIA agent working incognito there as the counselor whom everyone loves, and this song would be the anthem. Trinity Ward is prolific and doesn't underestimate the power of song flow and arrangement.”

“Combining retro with a very modern sensibility, the quirky electronica of Trinity Ward is showcased in a brand new collection, 'Hymns For Machines' which in spite of the title is possibly the most emotional and even subtly melancholic offering thus far.. and of course we will play-listing tracks ALL over the NBTMusicRadio's 24 hour stream starting in just a few minutes!”

“...this is a fabulous remix (Metroland - Machines Gone Mad, Trinity Ward Remix)”

“We are going to play Mayak, released in 2014, from Reactor, which is a superb album.”

“Interview with Trinity Ward by Robex Lundgren”

“Artist Spotlight: Trinity Ward Blazes The Trail For Scifitronica”

“Trinity Ward calls his fusion of genres – Scifitronica”

“Scifitronica artist, Trinity Ward – an entirely recording-based artist”

“Artist Spotlight: Trinity Ward Blazes the Trail for Scifitronica”

“Trinity Ward Blazes The Trail For Scifitronica”

“Trinity Ward Blazes the Trail for Scifitronica”

“18th Best Album of 2014 - Trinity Ward, Reactor”

“We heard over 4000 or more songs in 2014 and playlisted over half of them, so for the tracks to make our top 180 of the year is some kinda wonderful indeed : the 7th blast (60 - 41) of the NBTMusicRadio's top 180 songs and singles of 2014 . 52 Trinity Ward– Evaporator”

“One of the three featured electronica artists was New Zealand’s own Trinity Ward, who produces a distinct blend of electronic music with a science fiction theme to create what he calls “scifitronica.” This sound can be heard on his Indie Anthems track “Mayak,” and it demonstrates the level of innovation that unsigned and independent artists are bringing to the music scene.”

“Here’s a refresh with a wider selection of EDM & House artists. The Beastie Boys, Daft Punk, Kraftwerk, Skrillex, and Deadmau5 have been inspiring generations of electronic music. Get a taste!”

“A composer of great note, he has done 4 very good albums...”

“The final two tracks are coming to us brand spanking new out of New Zealand by Trinity Ward who creates a special brand of scifitronica - electronic music with a science fiction theme.”

“There are four albums, they are good albums with some very good tracks.”

“...they are very good albums...”

“…certainly a great name, certainly you'll be hearing more of it on my show, so spread the word…”

“They are superb albums and if you want electronic music you certainly need to check this name out… Trinity Ward.”

“...(Trinity Ward) tracks are a journey from one end to the other, and one of the great things about them is they are free...”

“Very good electronic material, certainly worth checking out.”

“We have been playing a lot of Trinity Ward 's Ambient creations across the NBTMusicRadio's 24 hour stream, so its with great pleasure we now feature selections from the new EP ' Reactor'' which heads into a more NewWave/Dancefloor direction.”

“I have yet to hear anything from Trinity Ward that wasn't excellent, but this one is beyond excellent, it's a music masterpiece!”

“Very cool and freaky musical imaginings on this playlist... from the uber-minimal tripp-scape of "Among the Ruins" to the throat-singing ambient groove of "Shadows Over Eden" ..loving that Blue Monday-esque kick drum too.. Gives me chills!!”

“This is amazing. Seriously, amazing.”

“Music this good is rare!”

“Jango Radio Airplay Top 10 artist for the week (99/100).”

“Great sound and production here.”

“What a fun concept! Nicely done!”

“Great Music.”

“Awesome music!!! Brilliant!!!!”

“Love the retro vibe!”

“I was listening to 'Enter the Infinite' on repeat last night. Such a beautiful album. Thanks for giving it away as a free download too!”

“Crisp pure easy listening music nice!!!!!”

“From a metal head - I like.”

“I don't like it,................I LOVE IT!”

“OMG! the music is amazing!! :D! perfect!”

“Oh yeah, it’s fantastic, it’s powerful and very cool!”

“You're an amazing composer. Truly unique.”

“love the music..this picture is cool too..if that what aliens listen to..please come down more often.”

“Great sound I would say a good mix of Kraftwerk,Tangerine Dream and New Order! Love it!”

“Elements of early Depeche Mode, with a touch of Kraftwerk and the merest hint of Yello in a backbeat... very enjoyable. I was actually looking for something just like this.”

“Man, I'm digging this! Its like very spacey. I feel so lucky to have discovered this! :-] Amazing tunes! My favorite was Between The Edges Of The Universe.”

“Vital organs" is so cool!!!! Great work, guys.”

“You have great Music here, just passing by to say congrats.”

“Great music, I´m very impressed by the melody and beat.”

“Nice work ! Good sound ! I like it a lot !”

“Invigorating. Our office is tuned in to Jango, and we are glad you are available here.”

“It's AWESOME and I love the song, it is the best song I ever heard .. AWESOME”

“It is the best song I ever heard!!!”

“Unique, original and captivating music.”