Trifonic / Press

“Rarely do I promote other people's music but this album is melodically and technically beautiful.”

“Emergence is a must-hear for all electro fans… It's vicious, yet still carries [Trifonic’s] signature cinematic sound… Listen through headphones.”

“This album is uplifting, emotional, melancholy and subdued all in one and if you are a chill/downtempo fan this is something you need to have in your collection.”

“More trippy than a Crystal Castles fan on meth and smoother than an otter dipped in lube, Trifonic is a must listen for fans of Massive Attack, Portishead and the like, but it also appeals to those in search of a good beat to chill out to.”

“[Mike Truman of Hybrid, on the Soundsystem 01 mix album] On the first CD there is Parks On Fire by Trifonic which is just sublime... We based the first half of the mix around that...we just fell in love with it straight away.”