Tried For Treason / Press

"Delivering crushing, metallic songs—from a seasoned approach... hook-laden instrumentation.... sharp songwriting. They've got something happening."

"...if TFT can continue to develop their style for the next release then they should have a bright future ahead of them."

"Your music is amazing! It puts me in another place where I can feel free and alive...and let go of everything else. Thank you, and mad respect!"

Bennett H. - Dublin, Ireland

"You've got a lot of potential to make it really big one day! I'll support you 'till the end."

Alison M. - New York, NY

"I can call your song Weight of Words the anthem of my day today!"

Adan J. - Malaga, Spain

"I'm really enjoying listening to your music. Hope to see you guys live one day! I will spread the word around to all my friends. Where I can find more?"

Nicholas W. - Ontario, Canada

"Love love love your Weight of Words. Amazing! Make new stuff and tour please."

Evan C. - Atlanta, GA

"Hands of Wealth is fantastic! I've been listening to it all morning."

Vickie W. - San Francisco, CA

"You guys rock. I hope to see you live! Every song I have listened to has been nothing but awesome! Keep it going and don't stop! Keep it loud and in your face!"

Elie - Lyon, France

"Weight of Words! I played it on my Fender electric all day!"

Johnie - Minneapolis, MN

"Listening to hands of wealth over and over. Amazing work!"

Patrizio - Cattolica, Italy

"I've got your music under my skin.."

Angela F. - Daytona Beach, FL

"Love your music!"

Gwendolyn G. - Boston, MS

"We fans will support you and I'll spread the word as much as i can!"

Twi - Ghana, Africa

"I wanna let you know that I start my day with Hands of Wealth. Your music is always with me!"

Yvonne L. - Nashville, TN

"Can't wait to hear Weight of Words live! You are awesome!"

David S. - Gwynedd, U.K.

"You guys are a blessing...you inspire us all. Keep playing the sounds of hope!"

Samuel - Ayers Rock, Australia

"I'm listening to your music right now and I have to say that you can count me as your FAN! I will definitely buy your album.."

Mui C. - New Zealand

"Weight of Words" is spectacular! True talent so rare. Thanks for being real!"

Viola O. - Dallas, TX

"Weight of Words".. I LOVE IT! Been listening to it non-stop for two full days!"

Raphael Witt - Garden Grove, CA

"METAL GODS! Tried For Treason! Enough said! These cats are going to be BIG!"

Mark G. - Sikeston, MO

"I just want you guys to know you have real talent. When you get a few more shows under your belts you will be one of the best bands in Missouri."

Renee L. - Poplar Bluff, MO

"You guys blew my freakin' mind. I am amazed at the tone, the tightness, and just overall musicianship of everyone of you. I am totally a fan."

Scott M. - Sikeston, MO

"You guys are sounding great! Looking forward to y'all getting some new songs recorded."

Jami C. - Risco, MO

"You guys killed that show last night. It was f***ing sick!"

Steven M. - Facebook

"Fuckin' awesome man, loved it."

Rob H. - Facebook


Chris K. - Facebook

"Hell yeah guys!!! Can't wait to see all ya'll on stage!!!"

Gregg P., Disgruntled Bastards - Facebook

"You definitely have a new fan in me! Keep it metal!!!"

Darwin S. - Facebook


Sarah C. - Facebook

"Badass mate!"

Allison D. - Twitter