Trice Jacobs / Press

“Trice Jacobs is candy to the ear. Earthy vocals with the expressiveness of a true artist .... this is so wonderful in so many ways.”

Douglas Dickens

“Great songs, great delivery and a voice that was handed down from heaven.Trice Jacobs is a must listen! ”

Rick Frost

“Very Sensual Voice. I Can Listen To You All Night Long. ”

Cosmos Grassano

“ An original voice in a traditional style, Trice will draw you in and make you want to stay forever. . . ”

Greg Leathermen

“GRACELAND really touched me. It is such a unique sound and cool song...thanks so much for creating it.I wanna hear this song played on the radio...I love you, Gary Joe Mitchell/WILL TOMMY JONES”

Will Tommy Jones

“ Each enchantingly wonderful track is a sparkling crystal of superb folk art, painted by pure expertise of magical song. ”

Johnny Bonkers

“Another beautiful lady from Minneapolis that can really sing!! Pure incredible vocal talent, awesome songs, I swear that they must grow them in Minnesota:)!!”

Paul Amirault

“'A Beautiful Shadow' - is a top song, sung beautifully and needs to be picked up, heard by everyone and made a hit! ;)”

The Garden of Cyrus