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Tribune / Press

“‘The Warrior Mentality,’ my favorite on the album, shows influences from Black Sabbath and Dream Theater to Iron Maiden and Lamb of God. It’s a very cool, riff oriented song! …The musicianship is extremely skilled-these guys are tight. Production on the album is also a highlight. Very well done. These guys kick ass and will be a force to be reckoned with in the future. 4/5”


“The band has unleashed a powerful new effort entitled Elder Lore / The Dark Arts, and it’s sure to gain Tribune a monstrous amount of accolades from all over the globe.”

“check out the relentless staccato machine-gun groove of ‘The Succubus’”


“The third release from this Burnaby “thrash/prog rock/metal band” pretty much meets its description…The group appears to hit its stride most effectively on the full-on thrash of ”The Succubus,” with some particularly tasty vocals…These guys get to the point and drive it home with maximum force and minimum flash. ”

“Tribune is a rarity in 2012: a band whose members have molten metal, and not much else, coursing through their veins. Forget throwing hip-hop, rap-rock, screamo, punk, or hardcore-electro free jazz into the mix: Elder Lore/The Dark Arts is aimed at those who pine for a less complicated time, when Headbangers Ball was must-see TV, and Studebakers on Kingsway was doing booming business. Tribune not only acquits itself admirably here, but also implies that it knows the metal landscape has shifted since Iron Maiden and Judas Priest were something more than glorified nostalgia acts. What you get is eight songs that suggest a well-stocked iPod on Shuffle—assuming that said iPod is loaded with metal, metal, and more metal, none of it hairspray-scented.”

““If prog-infused death/thrash sounds like your thing then wrap this around your ears and don’t stop…””

“Tribune prove themselves an imaginative, intelligent and technically proficient band on ‘The Elder Lore – The Dark Arts’; if you’re a Metalhead, you should definitely be listening to this one. 9/10”

“the nine minute beast of an ending ‘The World’s Greatest Cynic’, which is like a greatest hits of Tribune’s capabilities in one swoop.”

"'Man on the Outside' is a great example of what the band is capable of ... The double axe work of Anderson and Culley really shine all over and vocalist Bryan Baker is easily one of the most talented and diverse singers I’ve ever heard." - MetalBlast.net

““Elder Lore/The Dark” is an awesome album...The album’s highlight is the nine minutes long “The World's Greatest Cynic” with the awesome collection of riffs, melodies and expressional vocals.”

“Elder Lore/The Dark Arts has all of the great things you need to see in a band, the musicianship, the chemistry between the band members, and the great music. It's a really solid record...fans of un-signable metal bands will have great stuff on their hands, from the short heavy stuff of "The Succubus" to the long epic proggy sound of "The World's Greatest Cynic."”

“There are several imposing tracks on the well-designed and packaged Elder Lore / The Dark Arts. It Came From The Swamps… begins the disc with heavy growling, but soon descends into clean vocals and melodies. Chemistry Arrives is brutal and has a barrage of double bass. The World’s Greatest Cynic takes one to Metallibore realms, but redeems itself somewhat with very Maidenish harmonies. It is all here. As mentioned, the foldout package is remarkable, but better yet is the band’s production and sound. The rhythm section, in particular, comes across well. The bass is loud and stinging, while the drum sound is full and heavy. There are no pots and pans for this lot.”

“if you like a mix of thrash/death metal which doesn't pretend to be fancy but is well written and well played and has some really good ideas mixed in then there's a good chance you will like this album. Listening Recommendations: The Succubus, Below, We The Black”


“This is a top quality release;... their arrangements are verging into Mastodon’s playground with a fresher, more honest delivery clearly audible and some of the arrangements are of a quality that I would expect from say someone like Tool, and they are damn perfectionists, hence, Tribune have massive potential.”

““The album is a big snack of metal and I like it.””


“On their second full-length release, “Elder Lore/ The Dark Arts” the band Tribune (who hail from Burnaby, BC.) decided to break into my house, steal all of my heavy metal collection and then craft an album that explored all the various bands I listen to. How else does one explain everything this five piece band throws out to the listener? Classic heavy metal? Check. Thrash? Check. Melodic hardcore? Check. Progressive metal? Check. Death metal? Check. Doom? Check. It is all here and then some.”

“...the best thing about Elder Lore The Dark Arts is the music...traditional foundation and some nice fret work, this album is an interesting listen....clever and appealing ...one album to check out.”

“Tribune are a very great sounding melodic death/thrash metal band that combines both classic and modern metal to create a new sound and if you are looking for a band that combines a variety of metal genres, you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "It Came From The Swamps" "The Succubus" and "We The Black".”