Trezz Trouble / Press

“Hard work is definitely appreciated, nice... ”

J Wiild - Reverbnation.com

“What beautiful music. The title track is smooth and the tune is modern and memorable. Thanks”

Bundle Of Joy - Reverbnation.Com

“imma keep stoppin by to holla atcha cuz i love ya bars.”

Leah Latrell - ReverbNation.com

“TREZZ TROUBLE, Your a bad-ass mothafucker. Totally digging your tunes. Just awesome stuff. Keep up the good work. ”

Charlie Comet - ReverNation.com

“Lyrics, flow on point....Hip Hop right here LUV it! ”

An2thaG - Reverbnation.com

“Trezz Trouble Is bringing real Hip-Hop back I Think he's the hottest in the Columbia,SC Area Hands Down!!!!!!!”

J.Money - ByThePeopleProduction

“You have talent...I would buy your music based on what I heard...”

Ellen L McCommons - FaceBook.Com