"I got so much respect for you bro. Your lyrics are the truth, your voice is dope AND you got your own style. I see you’re doin your thang and you love this music thing so much ! You’re an inspiration for every artist out there. Stay true to yourself, cuz that's why we all love you and your music. Keep grindin, hard work pays off. One Love"

Dominik Weib

“When I first heard K-s0's music, back in the days of 'K-s0 In Ya Town' and 'Reload Dem Clipz' I was astonishingly amazed. No lie, I used to know all the words to those two songs in particulary; it got so bad that his girlfriend at the time told me she was getting jealous about how much I love his music. But as the years progressed, it's been more than a blessing to have him as my best friend and a music artist under the same group. We feed off of each other, and it's getting to the point where he's becoming a New Yorker and I'm turning into a Florida boy. (Laughs) But the best thing about his music is that his flow is so versatile. Just when you thought his whole thing was gangsta' music and 'Choppa poppin' you hear stuff like 'Don't Save Her' and 'Here We Go Again' or better known as 'R.I.P.' It's amazing to see him come up with this stuff most of the time. ”


“you got so much talent and so much goin for you dont pay them hataz no mind. keep on yo grind and make it to the top!”

Ray Ray

“your song "letter to my siblings" put me in tears buba”


“follow your dreams baby boy you got an amazing talent with your words <3”


“Alantic records feeling the music”

Brian Burger

“so great to see a guy sticking to real hip-hop music spitten real shit and exposing the fakes. really feeling your movement. dont let NOTHING stop you”


“Hottest up in coming artist in SW FLA”

DJ Legend

“real nigga talk bruh you runnin this shit trey mafia all day”

Talvic James

“All Grind No Sleep”

Eddie Bower

“You the only Souther cat underground spitten as hard as us up north niggaz”


“luv to you k-so oh man luvin your vibe and i am listening to don't save her amazing whooo can't turn a hoe into a housewife - no you can't xoxo ”

Anita Lynn

“You are definitely doin your thing man. I hope you beat those charges, & keep the straight and narrow in the game! ”

House of princess J

“Hey. Just listened to 'i got to get it' and 'get em'. Really dope flow wand tracks. Bk soon. Much love from London ”


“Thats wut it is pimpin nice sounds. I like the art to! Dont save her! Feelin dat! ”


“u know i had to come to ya page and show sum luv! keep in touch more flamerz on the way and keep dropping that great sound! ”

Dj McKenly

“A shout-out to K-SO....good music bro, sky is your limit, keep it up, From Reality ”


“lovin your track stackin cemeteries, feel the fire you spittin in it! Keep it up ”


“Stacking Cemetaries and I Got To Get It.... Killa killa tracks!..B back 4 sho! Peace! ”

Tracy C Joel

“Loving your unique sound and style! Keep up the great work!”

Sonny Base

“Damn, your song sounds so good, with that gorgeous melody, interlaced with those hypnotic vocals. I see a true artist in you! ”


“bro "dnt save hur" is dope man.! i feel ya brotha' all ya lyricks and all' been there dne that man.! respect man..down to collab on anything u feeling homie get at me brah..keep shit bangin.! ”


“much respect for you sticking to your sound and not accepting second best..got great flo and spitz skillz and keeping some serious bounce going thru these tunes.."girls, girls, girls" is sick bro!! ”

Mike White

“Dont Save Her is a real real song I know many men can relate ... ”


“hey there! lovin the tunes, keep em comin! :) ”

Dani Dante

“Don't Save Her (Love the lyrics)" = my "Sick Feline" I appreciate you gettin' in the work and drivin' forward in spite of adversity.”

Allen Kai

“Digg Ya Muzicc Homie Tyght Shyt Keep Doin Ya Thang”

Dj 7N

“I see doing your thing over here. I see you making it in the future”


“RESPECT!! Keep grindin homie!! im vibing 2 this 'I GOT TO GET IT" ”


“triple love them vocals K-SO from deep within!!! amen ”

the th0ught pr0v0ker

“Exceptionally well composed uplifting & appealing sound!”

Lord Of Spirts

“the messages in your music really hits home, keep on the good work its great :) cant wait to come back and play your music for my brother he will love it, we will be back many times :) ”

Louise Hall

“Awesome K-SO great songs! ”

MJ Vibes

“i like your songs, to be honest, i don't just fan people just for the sake of fanning but your songs have that 50 cent/Dr. Dre feel to it. keep it up ”


“flow,s like fire!!!vibe blazing hot! ”



Curly Washington

“Whats good? Showing luv and support, keep doing ya thang and making heavy music moves”


“Refreshing to hear original music with intense life experience as influence”

Enoch. Arcane

“Slick sound with plenty of swagger!”

Carloine ty

“i love the songs baby <3 ”

chrissy rage

“Yo that Stackin Cemetaries joint is hella tight homie. that beat is really dope too”

The king of aces