Trey LeParc / Press

"When He Makes Video's, Webster's Redefines Touch-Screen"

THe World's Most Interesting Broad - Dough Seckees

"my girl was eyein him i apaproached, he head butted me so hard i thought i fumbled"

Mark Sanchez - Sports Quarterly

"we squared up, and I figure easy win..im a martial artist, he raps...throw my death punch, he caught it in mid air...i grew a natural respect"

Chuck Norris - MA Monthly

"Had a look in his Eye..like a mix of, Chupacabra, and Komodo Dragon...but once u get to know him you kinda shake it off"

Muhammad Ali - LeBron King Magazine

"I AM THE SHOE BUSINESS!,and never seen such a variety, since Married with Children"

Ed O'Neal - Ny Times

"A Man who takes interests, in gaining more interest...that's a most intersting man"

The Word's Most Interesting Man" - Leo Magazine

“I Came back to Life just to hear the Genius in this Mans Words”

Albert Einstien - Reborn Legacy