Trevor Green / Press

“The skill-set of this finger-style guitarist's free form artistic ability combined with enthusiasm and apparent love of cultured music is showcased in a raw, live, unedited fashion”

Michael Billings - Los Angeles Daily

“The power of Green's voice and lyrics to capture a feeling and consciousness of the natural world is unrivaled in current times.”

Mark Johnson - Music Street Journal

“Completely devoted! Passionate and artistic rhythms combining Jam, Culture, Free-Style, and ever more instruments culminated into one stage than I can count.”

Robin Everett - Northwest Live Journal

“So many instruments… so much sound… It’s hard to believe it’s all coming from one man. Trevor Green masterfully weaves his love of the natural world with his passion for music and his high-energy performance leaves the crowd chanting for more every time!”

-Nicole Johnson, Director - Sawtooth Music Festival