Tres Chicas / Press

“After thanking the usual parties--record label executives, producers, backing bandmates, the fans--in the liner notes of their second album, Bloom, Red & The Ordinary Girl, Tres Chicas does something a bit too uncommon: "and once again, ourselves."”

“It’s tempting to focus on the beauty resulting from the harmony of these three voices, but the truest strength is the songwriting. The lyrics stand on their own next to the classics the women have wisely chosen to cover: Loretta Lynn’s “Deep As Your Pocket”, Lucinda Williams’ “Am I Too Blue” (buoyed by the support of bluegrass band Chatham County Line) and George Jones’ “Take The Devil Out Of Me”.”

“Seated around a dining table, Tres Chicas — Lynn Blakey, Caitlin Cary and Tonya Lamm — were in the midst of reconstructing the mad and merry month of musicmaking in England last year which resulted in their sophomore album. Among the many challenges that came with the daring decision to record in London was dealing with the high cost of spirits, particularly for visitors undercut by the weak American dollar.”

“Don't let the Spanish name fool you –- only the number and gender hold up in translation. The members of Tres Chicas -- Lynn Blakey, Caitlin Cary and Tonya Lamm -– are not the latest Latin thing, but a trio of female singer-songwriters with impressive alt-country pedigrees.”