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“I give TrenchTown 5 Stars out of 5! everyone should have this CD in their collection!”

“Unlike other areas in Southern California, Hermosa Beach is known as a hub for punk-meets-reggae bands. Perhaps it's the close proximity to the ocean, or the influence of area favorites like Sublime, Kottonmouth Kings, Social Distortion and, now, Trenchtown. The allure of the beach, desire to escape the frigid cold of North Adams, Mich. and the chance of seeking stardom is what brought the members of Trenchtown to Hermosa Beach. Eric Wagler (vocals), Mike Nichols (rhythm guitar) and Mike Burlett (drums), three junior high school friends from the town 50 miles south of Detroit, started playing together in 1996 as a band called Maryz Eyez. "Music was just something we really enjoyed and we were all best friends so it made sense to start a band," Eric Wagler told Patch. "We loved playing and writing together and it was just fun." Full article at link.”

"Unpaid Holiday" is as bittersweet as they come, mixing a cheery melody with lyrics insisting that "We'll waste away." Frankly, that's fine with me — as long as I'm wasting away listening to this album.

“The band we are talking about is Trenchtown and they mix punk, rock, reggae, and dub in a way that is addictive.”

“Trenchtown Take Punk And Reggae To New Levels”

“There should be an ‘Advisory Warning’ sticker on the self-titled EP from Trenchtown informing all music elitists out there to put your egos in your back pocket and enjoy... makes you remember punk rock before it became a Broadway play.”

“Trenchtown deserve the full CD treatment and it would be great to see these guys on the Warped Tour. Judging from the EP, they’ll be a mainstage act in no time.”

“Trenchtown is an interesting beast. I recently had the chance to sit down and savor their new album the Trenchtown EP. Bred out of Hermosa Beach, they wear their influences on their sleeve. I was greeted with a high energy mix of LA punk and ska that was bit Greenday, a bit Rancid, a bit Sublime and all fun.”

“...this self titled EP is a great little intro to the band for new fans. With leading track ‘Ay Oh’ certainly initiating the party vibe, the six songs move through a range of pace and tones; ‘Murderer’ shifting between slow groovy chorus and faster paces verses, hook filled and ironically upbeat ‘Unpaid Holiday’ and poppier but catchy ‘Let It Go’ all add some diversity to the bands output. Moving forward it will be interesting to see what the guys can produce but there are some healthy indicators based on this EP already.”

“The band’s self-titled “Trenchtown EP,” released July 9, represents a “rebirth” of the group comprising Michigan natives Ryan Wagler (vocals), Eric Wagler (bass), Greg Bolenbaugh (lead guitar), Mike Nichols (rhythm guitar) and Mike Burlett (drums).”

“For all of us who remember Club Soda’s heyday, you probably also remember a four-piece pop punk band called Maryz Eyez. In my opinion, they were probably one of the most fun bands I’ve ever seen and had the pleasure of befriending. Maryz Eyez is now a five-piece group which goes by the name Trenchtown.”

“Longtime Hermosa Beach post- punk band Trenchtown plays an acoustic set tomorrow from 4 to 6 p.m. and then from 6 to 8 p.m. they’re throwing a release party for their new CD. It all takes place at The Lighthouse Café, 30 Pier Ave., Hermosa Beach.”

“If you're a fan of old Unwritten Law mixed with a hint of ska punk influences, then you'll love Trenchtown. These guys hail from Hermosa Beach, the same city as punk pioneers Pennywise, and could be described as the lovechild of Green Day and Sublime. Having been a part of the Warped Tour two years in a row, the band has made a name for themselves and recently released a new self titled album, Trenchtown EP. ”

“Their blend of Rock is heavily infused with Reggae and Pop creates a unique mix that resembles a “Green Day meets Sublime” mix.”

“The band was part of 2 Warped Tours, had 2 top five songs on XM Radio Unsigned Channel, and currently holds a full sponsorship deal with Best Buy providing music gear and electronics.”

“Trenchtown : A Detroit punk band transplanted to the shores of Hermosa Beach, near LA. Hard rockers carving their niche in the SoCal music scene. Discovered them through a friend of a friend and got instantly hooked and haven’t been able to stop listening (this is why I never tried coke whenever it was offered…I know my weaknesses).”

“Coming Soon, Article contained information about Trenchtowns upcoming album and Listening party that took place in Hillsdale, MI on May 21st.”

James Pruitt - Hillsdale Daily News