Careless Eaters / Press

“cool stuff...you've really got a loose and ballzie vox style...I like that cool grooves...the first one was a bit long (layers)..but still pretty damn good! ”

Tom -Distant Towers - Cakewalk Forums

“I listened to 'no worries' and 'nuclear weather'.... You sure have a great sound. 'nuclear weather' had me smilin'... Peace, Ian”

Ian - Cakewalk forums

“Nice easy listening! Great stuff. Definitely plenty of energy. I like that.”

Janet - Cakewalk Forums

“Listened to "Loose screws" Appropriate title. :-) Very inventive stuff with some great playing and arranging. I liked the hap-hazardness of this track and the live vibe i got from the mix. Good one.”

Cakewalk Forums

“listened to 'No Worries' ('cos it was at the top ). This is excellent work, really dynamic and confident vocal delivery, somewhere between Tom Waits and David Lee Roth . Liked this a lot, very well put together indeed, the conversations & effects in the background are inspired. James ”

Cakewalk Forums

“If you don't enjoy this band.. Then you probably making the worst mistake of your life!!!”

Conscience - You Conscience

“Trees Without Leaves has more talent in one of its little dead twigs than most popular bands have in there entire semi full of goodies!!”

S. Crockett! - Me

“I went to a Trees Without Leaves show and don't remember how i got this tatoo!! - AMOEBA”

Shake yer booteh or die!!! Eh?

"Trees Without Leaves it one of the most amazing bands to see live and the music is pretty catchy too"

Jesus Christ - Jesus Christ superstar fanzine!!