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"If you've been looking for some feel-good music with a positive message the reggae and jam sounds of Treehouse! will definitely fit the bill. From the mellow melodies to the groovy rhythms to the horns, this album will just make you feel good."

"Treehouse! out of Myrtle Beach, SC, is more than just your average reggae band. This 3 piece has adopted a style eminent of their surroundings, taking their reggae Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, vibes and blending them with the hefty jam scene that sits above them in North Carolina creating what lead singer Jeremy Anderson calls “reggae jam rock”. The uplifting reggae beats, infused with strong guitar solos and dubbed out jams gives this rising young band a sound that is truly unique. Just as their predecessors, Treehouse! uses the roots of reggae music to spread a true message of enlightenment as they attempt to speak deeply to those eager to listen and endure this journey of life fully...TreeHouse! is on their own journey to enlightenment and through that journey is asking, and willing, to take anyone along, as long as the listener is willing to open their minds to consciousness, questioning what is truly important in life."

"Reggae-beat from South Carolina? You bet. The Southern band brings reggae, jam band, and rock themes to the mix on their third album, Lifted. There are some psychedelic powers going on here, but the reggae backbeat is never too far away. For instance, "Guru" has all the elements of a groove-laden, psychedelic track with extended instrumentals and jam-band vocals with a catchy beat and TreeHouse! does not disappoint. A dozen tracks fill the album with tons of lush melodies, edgy grooves, and world fusion influences that follow a reggae foundation and psychedelic foundation with hints of roots and folk. The fluid bass sounds are especially good on "Take It Away" and "Just Another Day." The album is as colorful as the artwork. There is a good amount of diverse stylings and beats that are never boring or redundant."

"Lifted combines elements of jam band, reggae, ska, and rock executed through a wide array of instruments to create its essence. With psychedelic motifs and a heavy walking bassline, each track offers encouraging lyrics towards betterment with titles like “Embrace the Change”, “Follow Your Calling” and “On The Road”; even though “Growth” labeled their last album, it is apparent that 'still growing' is Treehouse!'s current theme. The first single being advertised off the LP is “Look into the Stars”: a lively track with hip-hop style vocals, a unique horn riff, a funky beat and an electric guitar interlude which allows an edgy break from a somewhat poppy melody."

"The music is a dash of reggae and world music, mostly upbeat and with infectious grooves. Chunky guitar chords on “Babylon Pressure” as well as ones that go wacka wooka are found on”Mellow” while straight ahead Jamaican pulses are felt on “Embrace the Change” and “Follow Your Calling.” Other moods fit into 60s soul like ATCO records with “Take It Away” and Zach Fowler brings his own voice along with some heavy horns on “Look Into The Stars.” Most of the themes are life affirming and optimistic, and there’s nothing wrong with that these days."

“Had Bob Marley been born white and in South Carolina, he might have resembled Treehouse! ...A keen sense of melody vibes with an atmosphere of warmth within the bouncy tunes of Treehouse! Ample positivity drapes throughout such material as "On the Road" and a horns-heavy "Look into the Stars." Consequently, brand the music of Treehouse! as music made for smiling happy people.”

"...they played as if they were headlining Coachella...Guitarist Jeremy Anderson had a blast with the dozens of settings on his huge pedalboard: he likes an icy tone and plays leads with furious flurries of tremolo-picking, building to several unexpected cumulo-nimbus peaks. Bassist Matt Link plays his five-string with a pick, but he doesn’t let it slow him down, with a serpentine, melodic attack that featured several slinky solos this time out. Drummer Trey Moody has an individualistic style, building a deep pocket with his classic roots beats but then picking up to a steady four-on-the-floor rock drive on the band’s louder material. Anderson doubled (tripled?) on melodica and trumpet, used his loop pedal to lay down a couple of psychedelic, cumbia-influenced riffs to underpin a couple of songs, and finally ended the band’s set on a blistering, explosive note with a dynamically shapeshifting number that veered back and forth between dancehall, ska and edgy rock."

“When it came to carrying the torch for the Myrtle Beach music this year, no band provided a bigger boost to the scene than Treehouse! Not only did the trio of Jeremy Anderson (vocals/guitar), Matt Link (bass) and Trey Moody (drums) branch out throughout the Carolinas, Florida and even into the Virgin Islands, but they also actively worked to bring talent into the area with its Pirate’s Cove Jams series. In addition to spearheading events like HOB’s recent Wintersplash Reggae Fest, Borgata’s 420 Fest and the two-day Treefest! in Charleston, the group performed alongside some of the biggest names in its genre including Steel Pulse, SOJA, Pepper, Passafire, The Movement, Ballyhoo! and Badfish.”

“Saw these guys play while I was one vacation and had their cd downloaded before their set was over. So Jammie and mellow. You get lost in the music! Love it!”

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"Excitement is climbing for Treehouse..."

"...An exceptional talent may be heard with Anderson's voice showing both strength and vulnerability, as well as clarity, accuracy, and range - a young voice that explores the nuances of interesting songs with original melodies." Read more: http://www.thesunnews.com/2010/11/11/1805094/treehouse-stockpiling-original.html#ixzz195vE1Smg

“A true breath of fresh air in the genre, TreeHouse! is an impressive stage act...”

“TreeHouse! is ...Pushing the limits of reggae music far beyond the conventional boundaries set by mainstream sources..”

“After plenty of new tunes, tons of touring, and with a tight three-piece core of original founding members, Jeremy Anderson’s TreeHouse! continues to bring original roots reggae rock to the Grand Strand, and beyond. TreeHouse! will headline an all-reggae version of Myrtle Beach Rocks! at the House of Blues...”

"TreeHouse! is a great band that we love to feature at House of Blues Myrtle Beach. They draw a great regional crowd and have a rockin reggae sound that appeals to a wide variety of our guests." Dawn Temples, Brand Marketing Manager Myrtle Beach House of Blues.

Brand Marketing Manager, House of Blues Myrtle Beach

“This band, headed up by a talented frontman Jeremy Anderson, makes some great acoustic reggae rock tunes in the vein of a Sublime or Slightly Stoopid. They are a hard-working bunch that plays shows all over the area and made a name as a bankable cover act Jeremy Anderson & Friends before deciding to make the switch to playing mostly original stuff. And listening to the three tracks they shared with us, it's easy to understand why they made the switch. "My Own Creation" is a great ode to the fact that no matter how original you claim to be, it's all been done before. In the song Anderson talks about putting his own twist on the musical styles he loves and it seems a fitting introduction for a young musician who clearly understands what making music is all about.”

“I’d had a bad day, but as I settled in and listened to TreeHouse! jam their own blend of reggae-rock, I felt my spirits begin to rise.”

“Original bands wondering how to pursue a career in music could learn a lesson or two from Jeremy Anderson of local reggae/jam act TreeHouse! Anderson, 24, has created his own music series, connected with cost-effective promoters, and has a 10-day tour booked in December in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. His band has enjoyed recent headliner opening slots at The Music Farm in Charleston, played the House of Blues, and has four upcoming local shows in one 48-hour weekend. So there you go. Read more: http://www.thesunnews.com/2011/10/20/2453085/music-notes.html#storylink=misearch#ixzz1dL3W6zfT”

“Music can be an extremely powerful catalyst. It can instantly influence the entire mood of a person or even a place. That is exactly what the band Treehouse! did for me and most likely everyone...Their musicality is great, and their timing is perfect.”