Trebuchet / Press

“So what if Denton’s Trebuchet has a flair for the dramatic? The local five-piece can carry off the anger-stained rock it deals in — both because the musicians write and perform with conviction, and because the band blends smart sounds with compelling lyrics.”

“They have been called everything from prog-metal to post modern rock and roll, and this five-piece band from Denton loves every bit of it. The truth is that Trebuchet defies most standard classifications so don't try to squeeze them into a single type or genre, rather just listen to their debut album The Bear and The Moon and enjoy the tour of hard rock music that the band takes you on.”

“Trebuchet, meanwhile, sound like what would happen if the Toadies dropped acid, listened to a bunch of Tool and sat down to record an album. They effectively sharpen the ragged edges of the grunge sound with interestingly layered guitars that smack of prog influence.”

“They never cease to amaze.”

“Trebuchet is an anomaly in the vanilla-indie Denton scene: guitar-driven hard rock with plenty of raw emotion. Alternating seamlessly between heavy, pounding Orange Amp distortion and jazz-esque time changes and key changes, Trebuchet captured the decent-sized crowd's attention for the entire 30-minute set.”

“I’ve seen them enough to have an excellent idea of how the shows typically start. But I should’ve known better, because like I’ve said before, part of why I love these guys shows so much is that they are always different from each other.”