Treading Bleu / Press

“Treading Bleu has taken a lot of steps on the way to the release of their full-length debut, Stories Telling Themselves. Forming out of open mic nights at Kalamazoo’s Old Dog Tavern, the rock quartet is made up of West Michigan music veterans Stacy Koviak-Davison (vocals/guitars), Chris Miroslaw (lead guitar), John Cooperider (bass) and Rob Cooperider (drums). They take influence from everything from ‘90s alternative to folk, blues, and jazz, wrapping their years of collective experience playing around Koviak-Davison’s immensely personal songwriting. “Sometimes there is a definite story to tell, but what I am most passionate about is capturing a feeling or mood in each song,” Koviak-Davison told Recoil. “I am a strong believer of each listener finding a piece or phrase or a feeling within a song that they can latch onto and associate with… Sometimes that is more powerful than a precisely detailed story laid out within a song. (Read more at the link below)”