Travis McDaniel / Press

“Your music is amazing!!!! I listen to it everyday...I start up Hitlantis.com when I'm working and I listen and it makes my morning!!!”

“Travis! I bought your CD on a whim and I love it! I went back to the store and bought 10 more for Christmas gifts! You are a very talented young man, and your lyrics are extraordinary. My husband and I fight over who gets to listen to your CD each day!”

Fan Comment

“Promenade Music Festival Featured Band: TRAVIS McDANIEL Travis Sounds like: Smooth like buttah. Best lyric: “You were even more beautiful, than the day before.” Travis' Superpowers: Curtis Stigers' boy-wonder sidekick. Travis' Van make and model: 2010 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter passenger van”

“Boise's Curb Cup Announces Sunday's Winners": “SHOULD BE A LOCAL CELEBRITY” award, created by Fame 15, goes to: Travis McDaniel ”

“Travis McDaniel, a guitarist, singer and songwriter who recently won the 2010 Donnie Mac’s Got Talent competition, will plug into the (2010 Boise Curb) Cup for the first time. Check out his guitar-loop magic and unique jazz style.”

“The 2nd annual "Boise Curb Cup" is taking place in downtown Boise, Idaho, this Sunday, August 29th. Travis McDaniel will be participating in this year's event, and he was given a preferred location in the Curb Cup this year because he won the 2010 "Donnie Macs Got Talent" competition. Travis will be performing in front of Tully's Coffee House and will be joined by drummer Aaron Atkins. Come on down and enjoy a CRAZY day! ”

“Jazz influenced singer / songwriter Travis McDaniel, 18, won the second summer edition of Donnie Mac's Got Talent at Boise's Trailer Park Cuisine capital in Boise's Linen District. ”