Travis Creeps / Press

“Today’s country music played on the radio often feels like watered down rock and roll, but Travis Creeps with his snarky sense of humor brings rock and roll back to the genre while simultaneously giving country a fun, new twist. Tongue-in-cheek song titles such as, “Fuckin A’,” There’s Always Whiskey” and “Let Me Love You (the way I love porno),” might, at first review seem almost absurd, but the truth is, the music is really good. Beers And Tears is the kind of album you could sit around listening to with a couple of friends while drinking beers and contemplating life. (And this is coming from a true metal head who only listens to country every once in a while—and those times it’s mostly outlaw country like Merle Haggard, Hank Williams (both Senior and Junior) and of course Mr. Johnny Cash.”