Transpose / Press

“Hello guys! Im listening to your music almost evryday , and i love your music.”

Donald Soo - Number One Music

“hey yo you should make a vid for every track because your music is brilliant, Walls Burn Clean is def a hit!!! fingers crossed!”

Mrs. Dudley - Number One Music

“recently discovered your music. i want you to know how awesome you guys are. cant wait for the new songs ”

Lea Torneo - Number One Music

“guys looking forward to see you in concert i will travel anywhere just to see you perform live your music is AWESOME thanks”

Robby Cherry - Number One Music

“You guys rock! walls burn clean is an incredible song!”

Patrice Legro - Number One Music

“Hi GuyS!!!!! I can't wait for the new songs from you, I havn't heard many of the songs yet besides on n1m but i'm really looking forward to hear some new songs... And I hope theres a song like Walls Burn Clean I hope you all are doing good and i'll let you know what i think of your new music. Rock On and I Hope in another year from now you will be working on a another great songs for us.”

Lincoln Cardenas - Number One Music

“Guys, you're awesome. Your music is fantastic! I am now your fan! Keep it up! Thanks for your music! Walls Burn Clean this song is really amazing!”

Steve Haefeli - Number One Music


Raphael Witt - Number One Music

“Hi You will be an inspiration for many others out there...just found you recently and I'm going to spread the word about your music ”

Charles Keltz - Number One Music

"Great Stuff(5 stars)" "Great music by great guys. Concerts are the best too."

"A refreshing sound for metal heads. Quality, original music to satisfy the soul. The more you listen to this CD, the better it gets."

unknown - iTunes

"Simply amazing (5 stars)" "This is the most amazing band I have ever heard. Love the whole album. Would suggest this to everyone."

"Refreshing to see a band not following trends and creating something not heard before. The more you listen, the more you enjoy."