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TransPorter was created by guitarist/producer Kevin Porter. TransPorter fosters a vision of improvised rock music that is more of a form of therapy than applied music theory.
We are a high energy Jam Band that infuses an eclectic mix of styles into the improvisational music we perform. All of our music is recorded live with no overdubs and we strive to include guest performers in order to provide inspiration. We make it up as we go!!
Simplicity is the key here and most of our jam pieces revolve around 2 or 3 chords. Promoting emotional outbursts through music is what we strive for.

Key Players:
Rick Geraurd the drummer for the band " is defined as Keith Moon times ten" says Kevin Porter. Rick and Kevin work off each other on a subliminal level. All of this gets tied down tight with John Kimmerly on sub bass guitar along with Terry Syrett on trumpet; making up the outer melody end of the equation.
Last but not least several guest vocalists adorn the core with their unique styles of voice; Rebecca Corbet who blows the lid off of vocal range, Scott McKenzie’s melodic style and added harp and Martin Downs Dylanish/Doors. Lately Pamela Gilmartin has been hanging around and we hope to see more from her. There are others you will see here as well up and coming.
Also Jeff Shewchuk joins us on solo bass often giving us two live bass players.

The band plans to master up some of the past years recordings for a official product release later in the year. "We have so much stuff recorded its hard to decide what to put out there" says Rick G. Most bands will wait to get tight on arrangements before releasing to the public. We take the opposite view and want to show the development of the band from day one. That is important to us.
Some of our recordings are basic 2 track stereo and fairly garage quality but offer some level of performance that we find interesting.
We have never been much into the polished recordings most bands contrive to make. We like things raw with mistakes and all. A lot of times our songs don't start off that great while everyone is trying to figure out what to do and what key and so forth. Often it takes a minute or so to pull it together and our song starts are a bit of a laugh.

TransPorter is constantly evolving and have recorded over 120 albums worth of music over the 2 years the band has been together. In addition Kevin Porter has recorded hundreds of Solo project pieces some of which are included at the bottom of the playlist.


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Kevin Porter, Rick Girouard, John Kimmberly, Rebecca Corbet, Scott McKenzie, Martin Downs, Terry Surret, Jeff Shewchuk
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TransPorter Jam Band
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Jam / Alternative / Rock/Metal/Jazz

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Toronto, ON, CA
Shay Porter

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