Traits / Press

“Traits sent me their self-titled release for an early listen and was kind enough to allow us to premiere a new song here. I’ve been listening to the album quite a bit this past week and have to say the standout track is “Out Of My Mind” (which also happens to be the longest track on the album). Most of the tracks are concise and tightly written, but this one sprawls a bit and switches things up as the song goes on. I’m hesitant to label them a math rock band as the term brings to mind harsh, abrasive melodies and Traits reside on the more melodic side of the spectrum, but regardless the change-ups in this particular track pay ode to the genre. Have a listen for yourself and go see Traits do their thing this Friday. The band will be releasing their self-titled LP at their album release show at Loving Touch. They’ll be accompanied by Le Voyage and Awesome Jarvis And The Whales. There’s no cover and doors open at 8pm.”

“At first listen you might think, “Hm, just another indie-rock band from Detroit,” but then the music takes a twist and you’re smacked in the face with a groovy beat and catchy lyrics. Adding in their own inspired flair, TRAITS takes the same-old, same-old to a new level.”

“with dual vocal melodies harmonized nicely by the bands founders (Michael Seger and Sean Shea) that sound like a mash-up of Bloc Party and Clasp Your Hands Say Yeah’s styled urgent crooning…”

“These guys are about to blow it wide open”

“Traits was recently featured on 89.3 FM and they have a great live recording up on their site that you can check out here along with a few rough mixes of songs that they will be releasing this Friday on their first self titled album.”

"Super Tight Indie-Pop that blew us away"