Trails / Press

“Seen through this lens, Trails' aggressiveness and tendency to enjoy getting under your skin are as much part and parcel of a Brooklyn-style (and not in the indie rock way) approach as personal declaration. Since there are so many words to this style of hip hop, there's a tendency to focus on the personal motivations of the MC, but that sells artists like Trails short.”

“A kind of romance reminiscent of early production styles of the RZA and Premiere, with a lyrical intensity of Guru or the Gravediggaz gives Trails a unique sound. If you were around for the Low End Theory 16 bit sound the first time it’s waves crashed onto the shore chances are you’ve been a fan ever since. So in a day in age when top 40 sounds way overproduced (to my ears anyways) it’s nice to have new music made to an older (and higher) standard.”

“If you dug Fits & Starts, get your hands on this EP. Haven’t heard Trails yet? Same advice.”

“With powerful personal experiences relayed through the first person narrative, and based around his rough delivery, Syn doesn’t rap it so much, as shank you in the ear with it...This was a fresh album, by pioneers of the Maine hip hop culture. These 2 blazed the trails alot of up and comers don’t even know they are walking on. Stand Up 207. Then take whatever path leads to Bullmoose and cop this one.”

“What stands out about this album is that it feels more constructed, more "played," than a lot of contemporary underground hip-hop albums. It feels more organic, more like a band...This album is ambitious, interesting, and assertive. At times it gets the heart beating fast. You won't find a sing-along, but you knew that going in.”

“So put on your headphones and dig in. You’ll soon be seeing trails yourself.”