Tragic Black / Press

“It is certainly more accessible but I rejoice because these guys are good, original, and I would great pleasure that they wage a wider success. 'Nostalgia' is a very melodic level, Tragic Black wished to return to a more basic deathrock without losing the taste of diversification ('Unexpected nightmare', '(Dis) graceful', not so far from Skinny Puppy, 'Ripe for decay' lacks gothic rock). The production is relatively uncluttered, slightly cold, leaving each instrument to take its place without superfluous shock; The songs clearly gain in efficiency. But the biggest one remains the song. Vision has made enormous progress since the band's debut and is revealed as a complete singer with a beautiful range of emotions in its splendid 'Beyond the veil of delusion', 'Ripe for decay', 'Horrifier', the magnificent ' Crossing the barrier '). So, 'Nostalgia' takes on the appearance of a real tube factory without our Americans denying their philosophy of assuming their varied influences”

“There are always bands out there whom I have known about for many years, but for one reason or another have never been able to catch them headlining a show. With their recent performance at The Metro Music Hall, I knew that it was high-time that I went to see the band Tragic Black. In the underground goth scene, this band has weathered many trends and have been able to keep putting out high-quality music for more than 15 years. Their show was such the epitome of goth that I had to speak to them as well about the show, and their plans for 2017. With iridescent lights cascading through smoke that slides across the stage like a snake, Tragic Black kicked off their set with “The Tornado and the Hurricane,” and spent the next 80 minutes wowing the audience with the dark and morose stylings that only their brand of goth music can convey. When asked about their setlist, vocalist vISION made it clear that there were two periods of the band that were going to be featured (see link for more”

“‘Suburbian Dystopia’ is just mental, the vocals all but frantic throughout a goth-encrusted punk lament with a cute smudgy synth section”

“Tragic Black managed to return stronger than ever during 2006 after having signed up to Strobelight Records with a dynamite album, "The Decadent Requiem".”