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“LTC Records Announces Tracy Woody's Music Monster videos featuring Sweet Beat of Love for Millions of TV and Radio Exposure and coverage and for the Hollywood Music in Media Showcase. Sweet Beat of Love, Sweet Beat of Love Remix, and Your Love New were some of her recognized Winning works in the UK Songwriting Contest, Sweet Beat of Love with Producer Studio Pros and Your Love New with Producer Joe Steele and Jeremy Underwood and her Silver and Platinum Auddy recognition. Stay Tuned for performances on The Tracy Woody TV and Radio Show and interviews on the Watch of some of her Superb Producers as we touch on Electro, Dance, New Age, Ambient, Dubstep, bit of Rock, Hip Hop, Urban, Country, Reggae, and other genres. Thanks for listening! Revised 09/30/14”

“LTC Records presenta a Tracy Woody con “Sweet Beat of Love” Notas de prensa LTC Records anuncia presentación en Music Monster Videos de Tracy Woody con Sweet Beat of Love expuesto ante millones de personas en TV y Radio además de cobertura Hollywood Music in Media Showcase para Raleigh, NC LTC Records anuncia que The Tracy Woody Radio and TV Show presentará la música de Woody incluyendo una de sus galardonadas y reconocidas pistas del Concurso de Composición del Reino Unido, “Sweet Beat of Love” con Productores de Studio Pros y su reconocimiento Auddy de Plata y Platino por sus versiones de “Your Love” con los productores Joe Steele y Jeremy Underwood, de su CD “Sweet Beat of Love”, además de entrevistas destacadas a medida estén disponibles. Actualmente y por tiempo limitado, se están revisando para su consideración los contenidos aprobados para anuncios comerciales, patrocinios, publicidad por banners, video, radio y TV...”

“Tracy Woody's song Sweet Beat of Love has been accepted for Major Radio Airplay! Listen to Woody's music with Superb Producers! Thanks!”

“LTC Records Announces Tracy Woody Tv and Radio Shows on Saturdays starting July 13, 2013...July 11, 2013 -- Tracy Woody Radio and TV Show and her 2nd Tracy Woody Radio Show featuring Woody's music with Superb Producers and upcoming interviews, other Talented Artists, and business advertisers. Woody's Radio Shows are scheduled to start on July 13, 2013 on Saturdays at 2:00 pm EST one Radio Station W4CY at 9:00 pm EST to Millions in 195 Countries at w4cy.com/radio-shows/tracy-woody-radio-show/ Please see http://www.reverbnation.com/tracywoody Woody is an Inspirational Artist, Singer, Songwriter, an Executive Director and Producer of the Tracy Woody TV and Radio Shows, Indie Record Label Executive, Hollywood Music in Media Association (HMMA) Showcase Coordinator for Raleigh, NC, Music Project Coordinator in the interest of Soundtrack, Movie, TV Commercial, Pop, Disney, Jazz, R&B, Dance, Adult Contemporary, Electronica, Techno,.”

“Tracy Woody's Radio and TV Show is scheduled on Saturday, July 6 at 9:00 pm EST at... http://t.co/M6Jl73qvQF (1)June 20 at 5:00 pm EST Tracy Woody’s Your Love Remix aired on MMTV Network up to 5 Million on Cablevision Channel 67, TimeWarner Channel 34, RCN Channel 42, & Verizon Fios channel 82...”

“Tracy Woody featured in the El Diario de Emigrasso. Tracy Woody Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos.... Reference: http://www.reverbnation.com/tracywoody Read today at http://paper.li/emigrasso/1313174812”

“Tracy Woody's Your Love Remix II with System Err0r is playing on the http://ultimateurbanradio.com/ indefinitely! Woody's music is playing on Jango Radio worldwide at http://www.juno.com/music/Tracy+Woody Woody music is playing on NewTribeZ Radio Station in Australia at http://www.newtribez.net/invite/user_1425/ Join Today for FREE and Stay Tuned In! Woody featured in The Furocious {FM} Daily News.... http://paper.li/FurociousMusic/1307957007?utm_source=subscription&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=paper_sub Thanks for the support!”

“Tracy Woody is coordinating to Air Tracy Woody TV and will be performing with Superb Producers and other Talented Artists! Stay Tuned for events, Casting Call(s), Sponsor Inquiries, and updates, Join us on twitter @ltcrecordsinfo and @tracywoody and like us on FB to check out her music and feel free to join the mailing list at: http://www.tracywoody.com and Like our update event page: https://www.facebook.com/HollywoodMusicinMediaShowcaseRaleighNc and at Tracy Woody's Jango Radio Station http://www.jango.com/music/Tracy+Woody Thanks!”

“LTC Records announces that on 3/27/2013 Tracy Woody's music with Superb Producers achieved #1 Local RN Dance Chart for 20 months, 2 weeks each at #1 National USA and #1 Globally. Woody Thanks God! Thanks her Superb Producers! Thanks all of her Fans on Jango, RN Artists and Music Industry Contacts, FB, Twitter, and many other Social Platforms, Radio Stations, Magazine Editors, and so many others worldwide for their support!”

“Tracy Woody Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos reverbnation.com - “Woody has been nominated for a Hollywood Music in Media Association Award on November 15, 2012 in Hollywood, CA, won the 2012 Artist of the Month for January 2012 by the fans on De Starliner's Radio...Tracy Woody is #1 on the Local RN Dance charts for Raleigh, NC for 18 months straight. http://t.co/kvwzIznStK Thanks! ”

“Tracy Woody, cinco veces ganadora del UK Songwriting Contest, presenta su nuevo juego musical y aplicación para dispositivos móviles Tamaño de letra: Tracy Woody es una artista inspiradora, cantante, compositora, ejecutiva de estudio independiente de grabación, coordinadora de carteleras de la Hollywood Music in Media Association, HMMA (Asociación de Medios y Música de Hollywood) en ...Carolina del Norte, coordinadora de proyectos y licencias de interés para bandas sonoras, filmes, anuncios de TV, Pop, Disney, Jazz, Ritmos y Blues, Danza y géneros de música al estilo Rock y trabajos de voz en off ... Woody tiene dos nuevos videojuegos de música disponibles en Youtube. (1) 'Sweet Beat of Love' en http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnjX944B0g0 (2) 'Your Love Remix III' en http://youtu.be/xaLM5xnokiA (3) Descargar gratuitamente la aplicación para el juego de música promocionado por iPhone y Android en http://bit.ly/Wj82zt https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/tracy-woody/i”

“Tracy Woody was featured on The Nikki Rich Show on 2/21/13 sharing her future projects and her song "Your Love Remix II" The Nikki Rich Show Official Radio Station Interviews Celebrities, Entrepreneurs, Fashion, Sports and more on the radio educating and providing an opportunity to share business and projects amongst everyone.”

“Tracy Woody is featured in The triCloud Daily ▸ today's top stories Tracy Woody Mobile App powered by Reverbnation... reverbnation.com - Check out the Mobile App by Tracy Woody. This free Mobile App lets you listen to music, check out photos and videos, read blog posts and get exclusive push notifications straight to your mobile dev...”

“UK Songwriting Contest Winner, Tracy Woody Has NEW Music Game App LTC Records Announces Tracy Woody 5 time UK Songwriting Contest Winner, Winner of Dance Hollywood Music Award, & Has a NEW Music Game App .... Tracy-Woody...PRLog (Press Release) - Feb. 5, 2013 - Tracy Woody is an inspirational Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Independent Record Label Executive, Hollywood Music in Media Association (HMMA) Showcase Coordinator for Raleigh, NC, Project Coordinator in the interest of Soundtrack, Movie, TV Commercial, Pop, Disney, Jazz, R&B, Dance, Adult Contemporary, Electronica Techno, a bit of Country and Rock style music genre, and voice over work. Woody's singing influence is her mother's operatic tone and her love for singing religiously in which from a young age of 2 she was inspired in her love of music and singing. Singing is a joy to her, a blessing, and a privilege that she loves to share with others. ”

“Tracy Woody is being featured in the NTDAPTV coverage of the Hollywood Music in Media Awards and MIMiPro Event held on Nov 15-17, 2012 with other Winners.”

“Great News! Tracy Woody's tracks "Your Love Remix" with Soul Seekerz(Simon Langford) as Producer and "Nothing Can Come Close to You" with NAO2 as Producer won Finalist and Semi-finalist in the 2012 UK Songwriting Contest! Special Thanks to the UK Songwriting Contest Administration and Expert Professional Judges Panel! Look for 2012 results menu option and search for "Tracy Woody"”

“Tracy Woody concert at Tracy Woody's Youtube Music Video Game App... United States Age Limit: All Ages About the show: Watch & Download New Tracy Woody's video iphone Android Music Video Game App View on Youtube at http://youtu.be/xaLM5xnokiA Download at http://bit.ly/Wj82zt Thanks!”

“Tracy Woody es una persona inspiradora; artista, cantante, cantautora, ejecutiva de estudio independiente de grabación, coordinadora de cartelera de la Hollywood Music in Media Association, HMMA (Asociación de medios y música de Hollywood) en Raleigh, Carolina del Norte;coordinadora de proyectos en interés de bandas sonoras: películas, comerciales para TV, Pop, Disney, Jazz,. Además, Tracy ha sido nominada dos veces a los 'Hollywood Music Awards' (Galardones Musicales de Hollywood). Para muchos la música de Woody está decayendo, sin embargo en la Estación de Radio Jango tiene respuestas positivas ya que está interpretada por muchas celebridades, no sorprende que los fans de Woody sigan aumentando. Por favor visite http://www.jango.com/music/Tracy+Woody Woody ha sido nominada para dos galardones Hollywood Music in Media Association para Red Carpet (Alfombra Roja), Película/ TV, Profesionales de la Industria Musical y Prensa, un evento programado para el 15 de noviembre de”

“Tracy Woody - ReverbNation...See how far the rabbit hole goes, you never know where you'll end up or what new music you'll discover. We'll keep playing songs, each one having some connection to the one before it. You can exit ... @tracywoody Posted a new song: "Your Love Remix II with System Err0r Producer" http://t.co/F1gFJFJ1 http://t.co/Hp3XDwpD ”

“Woody has been nominated for a Hollywood Music in Media Association Award on November 15, 2012 in Hollywood, CA, won the 2012 Artist of the Month for January 2012 by the fans on De Starliner's Radio Station in the Netherlands (UK), won platinum and Silver Auddy Trophy Awards, won 3 Certificates in the prestigious UK Songwriting Contest judged by expert music industry professionals, and is presently coordinating Hollywood Music in Media Association Showcases in Raleigh, NC for her performance and that of other talented Artists ... https://www.facebook.com/#!/HollywoodMusicinMediaShowcaseRaleighNc... Woody has already garnered praise far and wide – from her home in North Carolina to as far flung lands as Switzerland, UK, Central African Republic, Canada, South Korea, and Vietnam, people have been drawn to her music. Woody's been continuously winning radio airplay and magazine ex... "Your Love Remix" with Soul Seekerz as Producer has been nominated as #2.”

“ECSTATIC NEWS: Tracy Woody has garnered winning Certificates for Sweet Beat of Love Remix as Semi-finalist and Your Love (New) and Sweet Beat of Love as Commending Entries in the prestigious 2011 UK Songwriting Contest judged by expert music professionals SPECIAL THANKS TO UK Songwriting Contest event administration and judges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“GOOD NEWS!! From March - Dec. 2011 time period, Woody has won the Platinum Auddy Trophy Awards for "Your Love (New)," "Sweet Beat of Love," and "Sweet Beat of Love Remix," and Honorable Mention for "Your Love. From her Light of Love EP other Platinum Auddy Trophy Awards on her new singles "Light of Love" and "Your Love (remastered)," and "I Love Me and You" and "Dreams Can Come True" won Silver Auddy Trophy Awards. "Nothing Comes Close To You" was nominated for the Pop genre of Hollywood Music in Media Awards Association, Red Carpet, TV/Film celebrities event held in November 15, 2012 in Hollywood, Ca.”

“Junior's Cave Music Interview with Tracy Woody... interviewed an aspiring singer and songwriter who has a flair for making passionate and intimate songs about love. Tracy Woody loved making music ever since she was at the young age of 2 years old when her operaretic mother helped her realized her true calling.,,With my thankfulness to God through my mom's operaretic tone and my love for singing religiously...I always love singing and listening to music..The floor is yours; final words….Tracy: I want to say to everyone listening to my music in my Sweet Beat of Love CD EP and allowing me to inspire and encourage that I've received the same inspiration in so many ways by others and through the years and I THANK YOU and I hope that we can continue inspiring one another in showing love by the things we do and say. Keep working on your goals since they are not far out of your reach! As we show love for others and to ourselves, we can say at the end of the day that we Love in every way!”

“Tracy Woody "Sweet Beat" What is your thought process when working on new music? Tracy Woody The desire to want to spread the message of love worldwide and at the same time encouraging those that do show love to continue to show love it means so much, since no one is perfect we all need to be reminded to show love, and continue to work on love being a dominant part of our lives for it brings peaceable long lasting and permanent positive results especially love for God and others. Love is the answer...Desire to be inspirational, encouraging, sincere, and heartfelt. What inspires your music? Tracy Woody ...the inspiration comes from love of God, family, our spiritual family, and others to share a message upbuilding and that doesn't tear down. Love is the answer to all problems...Special thanks to all those that have supported my music worlwide including Jango Internet Radio and their fans, and Reverbnation Artists and Fans and IndieCastle.net Radio Station.”

“Tracy Woody A singer and songwriter, Tracy Woody is set to burst onto the scene with the incendiary dance floor filler that is ‘Sweat Beat of Love.’ This EP is powerful, emotional, and a vibrant four-track. ‘Sweat Beat of Love’ marries the almost religious style that informed Woody’s early musical education to electric dance floor beats and a hugely powerful pop vocal. It is a single that will wow dance floors as much as the home listener. Backed with the equally infectious ‘Your Love’ and two remixes, this EP is tight, life-enhancing, inspirational, and essential music. Buy Tracy Woody on iTunes”

“TRACY WOODY IS HITTING IT BIG ON JANGO Tracy Woody’s music is falling upon many ears and the listener’s on Jango have so many great things to say about Tracy. It is obvious that when you hear “Sweet Beat of Love” you find yourself moving to the groove and wanting to sing along with lyrics that stick with you all day. Another hit by Tracy Woody called “Your Love” is filled with an all positive vibe, it is no wonder the fans of Tracy Woody keep on growing. Please visit http://www.jango.com/music/Tracy+Woody Tracy Woody has won the Platinum Auddy Trophy Awards for Your Love (New), Sweet Beat of Love, and Sweet Beat of Love Remix and Honorable Mention on Your Love. http://uplaya.com/artists/tracy-woody/info”

“LTC Records announces Tracy Woody has accepted her Tracy Woody TV Broadcasting Network channel, Director and Television Producer roles, and Marketer where she will be coordinating the Hollywood Music in Media Showcase, videos, her music with Superb Producers, and that of many other Talented Artists and interviews to millions and thousands of radio stations worldwide. Listen to her music, check out a video, Join the mailing list on http://www.reverbnation.com/tracywoody and Join us on twitter @ltcrecordsinfo and @tracywoody Thanks and Stay Tuned!”

“Tracy Woody Music, Lyrics, Songs, Videos,... www.reverbnation.com...Junior Cave Interview with Tracy Woody...”