Tracy Walton / Press

"While some songwriters like to put themselves into tunes and rattle off personal experiences or feelings – and others choose the opposite – Walton attests both can happen. And when they do, “Brand New Again” reaches another level that almost anyone can find enjoyable."

"Tracy Walton's break-out CD "Brand New Again" is deserving of satellite and terrestrial radio air time. 10 songs on the CD capture the skill, talent and style variation that are consistent with his aims. Walton's musical accompaniment compliment his approach. Certain songs on the album would be best served on a beginning of a movie or television soundtrack, like the track "92". And for the close out track during credits, "They Say You Can Never Go Home". Any song on Walton's "Brand New Again" would be great to listen to anytime, anywhere."

"People like Tracy Walton take creativity to a different level. Tracy Walton's "Brand New Again" is well worth buying, listening to, and I can hardly wait to hear the next album. I like the instruments, the sound. The mixing on this album is great. You can get lost in the guitar playing, the keyboards or the vocals."