Tracy Jane Comer / Press

“Another excellent acoustic track...[Comer] dances all over the strings with shimmering note flurries and dynamic flair.”

Guitar Player Magazine

"Well it's not going to be 'quietly there' for much longer for Tracy Jane Comer. This singer/songwriter is key to moving the whole darn genre forward. Her sound is mature and soaked with talent..."

J. Sin, Review of Quietly There CD - Smother.Net E-zine

"Although her music is acoustic-based, the arrangements go much deeper, culling from classical, folk, jazz, pop and rock...Comer's work is diverse and dynamic. Tracy Jane Comer is a musical force..."


"Comparisons to other adult contemporary artists such as Mary Chapin Carpenter, Shawn Colvin, and Dar Williams are inevitable, though she displays more range of style than any of them...."

Review of QUIETLY THERE - Rick's Cafe

"...Tracy Jane Comer has more than a beautiful voice; she's also a great instrumentalist. She plays the guitar, cello and piano with great skill..."

Madison Songwriters Group - B-Section

"Comer's thoughtful, intelligent, and sometimes humorous songs, coupled with her clear, honest voice and heartfelt presentation, are a delight to the ears and offer a refreshing and satisfying musical alternative."

Clayton (NC) News Star

"The voice, a combination of Joni Mitchell and Judy Collins, is perfect, and the guitar playing is so rhythmic and clear and musical...the lyrics [are] poignant, poetic, imaginative, expressive..."

Robert Kennison, NYC - Fan comment

"...Tracy is a rare talent with touches of Kate Rusby, Gillian Welch and Joan Baez...There is something about Tracy's music that really sticks in my mind. Perhaps it's because she actually has something to say. "

Paul Pinfield - CalmCast Podcast

"Add this name to the list of singer-songwriter sages that includes Nanci Griffith, Dar Williams, and Patty Larkin. A perennial local fave in Madison, WI, Comer--who also records with the group Sticky Fingers--earns deserved plaudits for her spare, wistful lyrics and crisp, folky guitar. "

Editor's Pick - Download.com

"Tracy's sparkling acoustic folk is reminiscent of classic balladeers like Joan Baez, complete with lyrics that combine social consciousness with personal issues. But Comer's willingness to expand her sound...gives her songs a depth that many folkies lack."

The Onion

"[Second Wind is] soothing and expertly produced, without a wrong note in the thing..."

Matt Pierce - Splendid E-zine

"Classy, sophisticated, exceptional, and beautiful. Tracy Jane fits in the class of artists like Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins and even Joan Baez."

Jim Bohn - Listener review

"This is heartfelt poetry with all the soul, sweetness and pathos that only a true artist can bring. Her haunting, beautiful voice leaves the impression that she has taken a long journey, and returned to tell wonderful tales. Tracy Jane Comer is a top shelf performer."

Jim Bohn - Listener review

"The combination of expert guitar work and vocals on 'Yellow Bike' are nothing short of amazing (I've seen her do this song live, and it is a remarkable thing to watch.)"

Jim Bohn - Listener review

"What a delight to kick back and listen to these 14 beautifully produced and compelling tracks, that ebb and flow from fast to slow, complimenting the songwriting and voice of Tracy. While each song has it's own breath of life, Tracy's voice is as diverse on each track as the story told.."

Review of QUIETLY THERE - SongsAlive!

"Quietly There might be the title, but Tracy Jane Comer is due to make some very loud noise once these songs are heard and be 'Internationally Here.'"

toni k. - SongsAlive!

"Tracy yields a strong voice reminiscent of Joan Baez to create heartfelt jazz-folk journeys that soar soulfully."

Maximum Ink

"An excellent musician and writer - it would be good if she could climb aboard a jumbo and visit these shores sometime!"

Dave Taylor - Music Maker Magazine

"Tracy's lyric writing is very clever - she paints with words using light and shade most effectively - the output is, in general, more optimistic than many of the current crop of singer songwriters, although she is equally able to explore the darker and more brooding side of human emotion..."

Dave Taylor - Music Maker Magazine

"One only has to play the first few tracks to be struck by the excellent musicianship and variety of style on offer. She has absorbed influences from across the musical spectrum - folk, country, pop, jazz, classical..."

Dave Taylor - Music Maker Magazine

"...A well-judged blend of ballads, instrumentals and harder-edged moments, featuring some genuinely first-rate writing and production... exceptionally well done...I can honestly say that this will be getting a healthy number of repeat plays..."

Jimbo - Music Shopper

"Tracy Jane Comer's compositions are poetic, melodic, moving, thought provoking and soothing to the spirit. To me, that means she has achieved great success in creating this wonderful art known as music."

Jen Lush - Midwestbands.com

"...incredible songwriting...From complex melodies and lyrics (Pathetic Fallacy) to simpler, catchy tunes (My Own History) her versatility is endless. There is a cover of Lennon & McCartney's 'Eleanor Rigby'... and honestly, her songwriting holds up excellently!"

Jen Lush - Midwestbands.com

"The musicianship on Quietly There is near perfection. Tracy Jane Comer has incredible guitar skills..."

Jen Lush - Midwestbands.com

"Comer has been compared to Joni Mitchell, Dar Williams and other well-known talents. The comparisons are well deserved as Tracy is a versatile vocalist who writes compelling, visual songs."

Kweevak's Tracks

"Although her music is acoustic based the arrangements go much deeper, culling from classical, folk, jazz, pop and rock..."

Kweevak's Tracks

"No one will ever accuse Tracy Jane Comer of holding back. A song may start quietly, and you may think you know where it's going, but then it rises and fills the air with added notes from a cello or sax and wraps itself around you..."


"Comer can belt out anthems of independence and quietly croon songs of reflection and philosophy. And she puts every musical possibility into those songs...Each song has its own subtle majesty."


"In the tradition of people like Joni Mitchell, Suzanne Vega, Rickie Lee Jones and the Indigo Girls, Tracy Jane Comer writes songs of different shades and colors: a hybrid I've dubbed 'chamber folk.'"

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