Tracy Claire Carrigan / Press

“You've got a great voice. I always thought 'Unconditional Love' deserved a lot more exposure than it got, its a really great song and deserves to be a hit. Hugh Reed”

Hugh Reed Explosion - .

“Sounds like Sinead O'Connor's first two albums”

Fraser Middleton - The Evening Times

“Your songs are amazing! You have the gift of emotion with great soulful influence. Twood be good to hear more”

The Baron - The Cole Times

“Tracy so glad to hear from you my friend, your bio was right, you have the voice of an angel and the harmonies are above all girl. We have recommended you because ya damn well deserve it!!!”

Damn Pigeon

“Hypnotic, soulful, and totally captivating....”

“My favourite Singer/Songwriter, wee Cardi's songs will melt your heart..”

Boydy - The Boyd Herald