“Tracy Bone, the winner of Aboriginal Songwriter of the Year (2009) has compiled seven country-pounding songs on the new album, Women of Red. The opening track, "This Ol' Habit," has vocals that beam with strength similar to the likes of LeAnn Rimes. Women empowerment, confidence and realism are interwoven through each song with "Doin' Time" exhibiting this power perfectly. Tracy Bone may have had quite the backstory (full of racism and hard decisions), but that's what makes her strength in music something quite meaningful and worth taking in. ~Kathryn Kyte”

“Windspeaker - Canada's National Aboriginal News Source *Our Pick: Tracy Bone: Women of Red”

“We are pleased to present Idle No More: Songs for Life Volume 2: Tracy Bone - "Woman Of Red" single included (download this and more for FREE)”

“Country singer Tracy Bone shares powerful story behind "Woman of Red"”