Track Seven Band / Press

"Effortlessly blending indie rock, hip-hop, and funk, Track Seven Band’s “The Try and The Fail EP” is flawless. Imbued with a sense of optimism, these are inspirational songs sung straight from the heart. Throughout the collection it is the clever, concise lyrics that help it rise above its peers. At times their sly smooth rhythms have a true sense of style as they oftentimes incorporate pieces of reggae and punk into the overall fabric of the sound. Reminiscent of The Clash at their most socially conscious, the pieces display great inner strength."

“...With tracks like “The Message” and “Doubt Me” Track Seven aims straight for the listener’s consciousness. Having released their EP “The Try And The Fail” in May, frontman Cost does not disappoint lyrically as he uses his personal narrative and unique delivery (I can hear a slight cool sounding accent from Cost by the way) to further solidify the band’s universal appeal. “I See You Boy” is another track off their EP which I absolutely love. You just have to respect Cost’s undiplomatic appeal (“Don’t think that I’mma let it ride, don’t think that I’mma let it slide…”) on this track!”

"The first track, “The Message”, features funky drum beats and rock-inspired guitar solos, high-energy vocals that convey a deeply personal message. In this track, Cost raps about personal struggles with drugs, lack of faith, poverty, violence, and suicidal thoughts. In this track, Cost also reminds his audience to keep “believing yourself”, “get back up” and not to give up."

"Lyrics are the heartbeat of many songs and this band has a lyricist that is pumping the life into the music. Ever since I heard Body Count back in the 90's, I've always been intrigued by the infusion of rock and rap music. There is a balance and a harmony that fuels the fire of emotion for the listeners and the musicians. This band has that same energy and the music is well composed."

"‘The Try and the Fail’ is a real EP. It feels real, and it feels alive. It breathes authenticity and it’s a genuinely excellent effort. In the scope of the independent scene, I’d argue Track Seven is making a remarkable statement for their continued relevance with this release. It’s one of the finest efforts in the community thus far this year. I’d love to see the band delve even deeper into these musings on future endeavors. This is a great way to kick off a journey worth keeping tabs on."

"Once in awhile the hip-hop genre will take a break from its occasional obsession with narcissistic posturing and actually deliver on ideas that actually live up to its cultural roots. And it’s no secret that many of the genre’s greatest moments have been those instances where it looks inside itself, and finds something new to say – and a better way to say it. “The Try and the Fail” EP is one of those occasions!"

"Their newest project The Try and The Fail EP is a refreshing, engaging, and excellent arrangement of masterfully crafted songs solidly founded in Hip Hop but reaching well beyond the traditional sounds of the genre."

"Shout out to Eugene Rivera on the drums…he’s been seriously impressive throughout every moment so far and remains that way throughout the entire record. From the opening rolls into “The Message” and right into what you’ll hear him pull off with incredible fills and perfect-timing on “Today” – can’t deny this guy is one of the better drummers I’ve heard on a record this year for certain. Expert hands on the drum-kit here…these guys in TrackSevenBand mind you, are all masters of their own corners…together, listening to “Today” – I’m starting to think they might just be unstoppable. The skills of CO$T on the microphone will blow your mind…"

"Above you’ve find a stunning sampler of the EP, which offers a diverse glimpse into the lavish world of the release and the band."

"...there’s a whole lot that is fresh here, a brand new sound, really exciting and really something to make you want to watch out for future releases and events. A brand new band with some really captivating sounds and ideas."

"Their latest EP, The Try And The Fail, which is ironically seven tracks, is a very deep, personal music journey through Cost’s life, set to rock/rap/pop infused live instrumentation that really takes everything to the next level. From come up to scathing commentary of social injustice, the record is a real winner."

"Track Seven Band has a mission and they will pour everything they have in to achieve their goals..."