Trace Relations / Press

"With Trace Relations, Ready does it up right with soul and sincerity.”

“Once in a while I get surprised… I was really surprised with Tracy’s CD. I am very proud of him.”

“CD has been on the player since I received it. Big Fun!”

Rick Moore - Rick Moore Photography

“What a great mix of music genres, from blues to a little jazz and some conjunto and rock thrown in... It's a great CD, love the variety, especially "Prosperity Street", "Elvis Es Mi Gato" and "I Live The Life I Love"”

“I couldn't wait to get the family to bed that evening so that I could sit back and enjoy your hard work. My anticipation changed to exhilaration as I listened from "front to back". Great record, great job!”

D.C. Tong - T2 Productions, Inc

"I'm listening to the whole CD for the second time. The production is excellent and your vocals sound great. So much tasty playing going on. Tell Kevin I dig his smokin' guitar playing."

““Tracy Ready has been involved in several parts of the Texas music whirl since he was a kid. He paid attention. He knows who deserves to be paid tribute and how to pay said tribute.””

“Prosperity Street: A lyric so timely for the economic conditions of 2012, who would guess it was written in 1975? Trace Relations debut with their arrangement of “Prosperity Street” with special guests Augie Meyers and The West Side Horns”