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“The hip-hop duo TP & Esco, who are working on their third CD..Travis Piccard likes to keep moving.”

“Don’t let the creativity of even the layout be lost on ‘Influenced By.’ It took 2 years to make it. Piccard says the music will include one wrestling song, but more tell the stories of worldly things that influence people like alcohol, death and fear. Watch for tracks and videos on You Tube called “Enough”, “Rockstar Mentality” and “Influenced By feat. Kurupt”.”

"ReConnect," which takes another step forward in the melodic, inventive music that these guys always seem to produce.."

“The new CD, titled ReConnect, was released independently and is available at area Meijer stores, and from iTunes. Their previous albums were Sinergy (2009) and Connect(2008). The lead singles on ReConnect are "Little Bit Gangsta" and "Chivalry," which has charted top 40 locally and tallied in the top 200 on the national charts. They are planning a new single with accompanying music video.”

“The latest gem from Grand Rapids' Travis Piccard and Michael Arias builds on the musically dynamic hip-hop this duo has made since I first heard them four years ago. There's a soulful melodiousness to these 16 tracks that deserves to put them in the national spotlight. ”

“Piccard is a recording artist as part of the hip-hop duo TP & Esco, who are working on their third CD”

“On Friday, it's reggae's Sean Kingston and rap's Flo Rida (along with several other acts such as Justin Bieber and Grand Rapids' TP & Esco). ”

“The West Michigan Whitecaps and Blue Cap Promotions have loaded Friday’s Rock the Rapids concert lineup with two additional acts, as popular local groups Next II None and TP & Esco join Justn Bieber, Sean Kingston and Flo Rida in a powerful pop show.”

“Thanks to Tp & Esco for letting me use "Unfuckwittable" as the intro. You guys rule!”

“If you haven't yet heard of TP & Esco or Fireproof then you are missing out. Hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan, the two rap groups have combined for a collaboration ,album 'Sinergy', hit the shelves April 28th. Their first single is titled 'Missterious' and hit the radio waves on April 17th”

“TP and Esco is the kind of stuff that is going to be cranked in HS weight rooms, MMA gyms, and wrestling rooms.”

“It's really refreshing to see two of Grand Rapids' most dynamic hip-hop outfits -- TP & Esco and Fireproof -- putting their heads, and music, together for a recording project. "Sinergy" delivers 18 tracks of sometimes-melodic and always-invigorating hip-hop, led by "Missterious,"”

““He’s my best friend and music is a big part of our lives,” said Piccard. “We have similar tastes and that’s really how it started.”

“I considered the last TP & Esco project to be one of the most inventive, listenable local hip-hop CDs of the year. Teaming up with equally talented Fireproof, their newest 18-track effort is musically intriguing/catchy.”

“When people listen to our music, we blow their mind, because if you look at me, I don't carry myself at all like that image you'd expect," Piccard said. ”