Toy Store Riot / Press

"Toy Store Riot is indicative of the open-minded and adventurous spirit of the bands playing at Jammin' Java this week. Their mix of pop and hardcore is spiced with personal, sometimes tragic story lines... while other songs seem sort of socially-relevant, but perhaps that's because of their urgency."

““Toy Store Riot is an energetic gang of four based out of the Washington D.C. area with influences that run the gamut of rock over the past 30 years. J and Jonny crank out fast and dirty guitar riffs while MIkey’s lead-like bass lines mesh with Big Al’s furiously technical drum skills to create a playful yet in your face sound. With songs about their crazy friends, life, death, and yes of course… love, their continuing the tradition of the DC punks that paved the way for them. They are currently in the studio finishing up their new album, Dead Man’s Shoes, that is scheduled for release December 2011.” Bring down the entire family to enjoy an intimately acoustic performance by Toy Store Riot, October 15th at 2pm! ”