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Toy Called God / Press

“Vocalist Marcus Lance is completely capable of shedding the circa ’82 Crue voice for one similar to Jonny Hetherington from Art Of Dying which perfectly lends itself to the moderately abrasive crooning necessary for the Active Rock Radio genre.”

“The playfully named Toy Called God have the added advantage of when they decide to turn it down, for example the very melodic “Numb In A Bottle””

“Holy Godsmack with early Vince Neil on vocals, Batman! I mean that in the most respectful way as it’s not a total copycat band I’m referring to here; just similarities that are very respectable and noteworthy, especially guitarist Patrick Donovan’s incredible Rombola-esque solos .”

“The latest from Toy Called God caught me way off guard – based on the name and disc photo, I was expecting something too heavy, too dark, and too black. Instead I was served eight tracks of heavy rock with sides of melody, riffs, and great vocals.”

“has bits that live next door to Foo Fighters (but in a dirtier and more run-down house) and there are some hints of Black Stone Cherry in there as well.”

“Bay Area rockers Toy Called God have a rather American sound. They call it groove metal and I can see where they are coming from although I think this is broader than that.. There are some rather heavy riffs on many of the tracks, but basically this is good old radio-friendly American alternative rock music that can work as well in a stadium as in a small club”

"False Prophet" is a slice of stone cold groove metal. The band is clearly influenced by early aught neo-rockers like Clutch and Velvet Revolver. Meanwhile, in true metal fashion, the band looks to the New Testament for their lyrical inspiration, but obviously get a different message than the one that was originally intended…

“If you’re looking for groovy heavy metal that just might shatter your eardrums, check out Toy Called God.”

“Toy Called God’s music is cool-ass metal with a slick, rockin’ groove.”

“Their music is metal that is very easy to groove to, and all the more difficult to turn off. I don’t think it’s possible. Their music gets a tight grip on the listener, but that’s ok. Toy Called God can grasp a hold of WoodBangers anytime that they would like. We are certainly impressed, by all means.”

“Toy Called God are from Brentwood, California and they are producing a sound that will place them at the top and keep them there.”

“Solid song writing has always been a strength for Toy Called God and Guns God and Steel is no exception; songs about the injustices of life and personal strife are just some of the concepts explored. Highlight tracks are: “Skin Coat”, “Mystery Machine”, “My Fallen Soul” and “Guns God and Steel”. Toy Called God are a great heavy metal band. If you like songs about the real world and love a good fist-pumping jam, check out Guns God and Steel, it delivers! \m/”

“Toy Called God has found their sound with Guns God and Steel. The new album is ‘street steel’ meets ‘modern aggression’. The music is heavier this time around and a step away from the groove metal elements that dominated the songs on the self-titled debut. The new songs have a stronger metal vibe that occasionally borders on thrash but still retain the strong choruses and catchy lyrics that Toy Called God is known for. The end result is a powerful offering with undeniable appeal.”

"Honestly, I can’t believe this band isn’t signed. Birthed in 2010, they have a unique ‘dirty southern metal’ vibe that sounds like a cross between mainstream acts like Hellyea/Soil/Nickelback and underground thrashers Pantera."

“Toy Called God has 18 original songs completed and I hope to hear an album or two from them soon. They have what it takes to get noticed and succeed. They are not just another Metal band. They are original. I appreciate the tremendous headbangin’ listening session today. My neck has a lot of kinks worked out of it, thanks to Toy Called God!”

“I listened to the six songs the band has on their website. I cannot choose a favorite of the six. I enjoyed each of them for various reasons. Whatever you Say is a great party song to sing along with…”We’re here to smoke it up until we burn it down…drink it up until we hit the ground”. The beat is relentless and when it does ease off a few times it is merely breakneck. Soiled Dream and When I’m Dead start out a bit sludgy and I’m quite fine with that. This is Groove Metal after all. Be sure to check out Bulldozer. It reminds me of everyone who ever tried to make my day a lousy one and pushed me too damn far! The Voodoo has a smokin’ guitar solo that should repel the voodoo spirit that is trying to kill the vocalist. And this leaves Only One Menace. Take a listen to it and decide for yourself. In most of these songs the vocals remind me of a younger, more energetic James Hetfield, only better.”

“Toy Called God is a metal groove band from Brentwood, CA. The band is comprised of Tyson Cliff on vocals, Zack Cliff on drums, Dustin Phillips on bass, and Patrick Donovan on guitar. Normally I don’t get into metal music after listening to countless head-banging, blood curdling screaming, bands of past. I settled in as I got ready one night to go out dancing to see how they pared up to the competition. What I discovered is Toy Called God is no ordinary metal band. They are truly a ‘groove metal’ band that mixes the regular hard smashing instrumentals and vocals of classic metal with hip moving and head nodding sounds. This band is no cookie cutter wannabee metal group. It is obvious they know what it takes to separate themselves from the crowd. I found it nearly impossible to not dance along and sing the words as the tracks replayed over and over again. I cranked the music and jived along with the hip and hard melodies. I have to say, hands down, Only One Menace is my favorite.”

“Patrick Donovan is so fluid when he plays that I see now why he is endorsed by Fireplant Guitars. Such a great band to watch live...I was left wanting more. Their high-energy songs, mixed with rousing vocals by Tyson Cliff, Donovan's ripping guitar and distorted groove rhythms give these guys a calling card of their own. I look forward to seeing them again very soon!"”

“Toy Called God sent me a CD to review. What can I say? There's a reason why Patrick Donovan got sponsored by Fireplant Guitars. Phenomenal guitar work and overall a wicked metal sound. When I'm Dead and Only One Menace were my favorites off the album sent my way.”

“Not sure exactly who I would say these guys sound like ..And that is not a bad thing . So many bands try so hard to sound like someone else ..I like bands that try to be original and that is what I get from these guys”