Toxifix / Press

“Here is some blackened thrash metal for you! These guys are up and coming very fast and put on a spectacular live performance. They really know how to mimic their recording when playing live. Every member of this outfit knows their instrument very well and is not afraid to get frisky with the technicalities. The term technical is quite often overused but these duders earned it. My favorite track would easily be "Blackened Thrashing Death", and don't worry, it is not a Witchaven rip off! It sounds a lot like Venom actually. There are some very notable spots all over the album that highlights each instrument extremely well. The drums in The Burning of Olympus" is just out of this world, and a mad bass solo at 1:18, and closely after that the guitar solos just tear you a fucking new one! When these dudes record again, they should record it exactly the same way and just release it as an LP. Their sound is perfect on this demo. ”

“In my continued search for killer bands I took "Atomic Thrasher's" suggestion and headed on over to the Toxifix Facebook page. It just so happens that this relatively new and completely kick-ass band plays some really killer blackened/thrash metal! Immediately I was hooked, and how could one not be? Toxifix combine the two genres of black and thrash metal together in a way that is unique and pleasing to the ear while throwing in some death metal influences along the way there by making this band one you need to know about! ”

“Another notch in the killer metal scene in Texas is Dallas's TOXIFIX. With influences ranging from thrash, death, and blackened thrash, Toxifix hammers with a winding punch of insane riffs and sick vocals. Their album, titled Rise From the Ashes, sounds raw (in a good way) and although the weird vocal effect might turn off some listeners, I feel it adds a layer of intensity to the music - especially in the song Gravedigger.”