Toxic Shock / Press

“I am familiar with the kick ass rock tunes and energetic stage presence from the main support act Toxic Shock. This one was know exception, I found myself head banging to the songs and blown away by their live show. Particularly when frontman Ash Lynhurst got down from the stage and sung his heart out on the floor amongst the crowd. Toxic Shock are a vital example of why we should support local music, they are simply fantastic and they are right on your doorstep.”

Words by Charlotte Whittingham - musical lotty's blog

“Deliverance is a great debut EP from Toxic Shock. The influences present on this collection of songs are vast, and yet the songs sound fresh and modern. I would highly recommend listening to this EP. Deliverance without doubt delivers (and with that, is the last time I will engage in word play with the EPs title!) ”

“Their music is very headbangable (is that a word? It is now!) The thing for them which really stand out for me is how catchy their music is. I really enjoyed their set and I hope to see them live again. ”

“Expect low-slung guitars, fat riffs and the smell of Jack Daniels”

Spikey Mark - The Wedgewood Rooms

"Hard rock party animal "supergroup" formed of some of Portsmouth's most infamous binge-drinkers."

Spikey Mark - The Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth