Toxic Ritual / Press

“ By the time the chorus for Toxic Manifesto hit, I was rocking to these guys in full force. As loose, raw, and at times, sh*tty sounding the demo tends to be, the band Toxic Ritual freakin' ROCKS! The riffs and dynamics in their tunes wear their influences well, and in a live setting, I bet they could set the place to flame. Fans of punk/crossover thrash take note because once Toxic Ritual get a quality recording out to the masses, it will be a mosh-worthy addition to your collection. I can't wait to see where these guys take it from here.”

“Toxic Ritual: Great band had the awesome opportunity to record a Live set with them at 309 Studios which will be out in the next month or so, was blown away at how good they actually were and played, real tight and extremely well rehearsed band, when asking them it was great to hear that they had already been a band for 6 months practicing there songs and getting a tight solid set ready before even doing there 1st gig, real pro guys and also amazing people, book this band for gigs! will not let you down!, defo think Municipal Waste fast slayer thrash style, shouty punchy vox with awesome breaks, Headbangers Unite!!”