Town Walsh / Press

“Shame the Devil nominated by The Academy of Texas Music for the Academy Award of Distinction in the 2012 Texas Music Awards.”

“Cold Light of Day comes in at #20 in the RFT's Top 100 requested songs for 2011!”

“Town Walsh named as honorable mention in the Texas Independent Music Songwriting Contest.”

“...Additional props to the Lone Star State for giving us the splendid Town Walsh. Walsh reminds me very much of a young Steve Earle (Guitar Town era), producing a blend of country tinged rock with vivid story telling and clever, literate lyrics. There's also a rough-hewn Tom Petty quality in Walsh's voice that I find incredibly listenable and lacking in so much of the overproduced tripe coming out of music city. Every song I've heard so far is standout, but "Cold Light of Day" is awesome good. ...There are too many great lines in that song to even repeat, so you're just going to have to buy Walsh's new album Shame the Devil for yourself.”

“...Unique is an illusive rung on the ladder of musical success, but Walsh has claimed it as a platform, and is prepared to climb with fervor and purpose. From sparsely acoustic tracks, to fully orchestrated numbers, Town Walsh offers an array of diverse tunes while staying within his Americana genre. Easily adapted to any mood, Walsh is a musical chameleon, garnering fans with his well-written stories and his imaginative delivery.”

“Cold Light of Day ...this is a pure Texas honky tonk, story tellin', shouldn't have done that song!”