Total Annihilation / Press

“When Sebastian Nutter from local Oi! band 99 Bottles was booking acts for this weekend's Punk Rock Block Party, it was only natural he should enlist Denver's recently resurrected Total Annihilation. "The guys from 99 Bottles, Sebastian especially, kept encouraging us to come back," says Total Annihilation frontman Jimi Yamamoto... "They always credit us for keeping the skin scene going in the mid-2000s, and I always appreciated their respect and friendship." While a number of Oi! bands go out of their way to distance themselves from Skrewdriver's legacy, Total Annihilation isn't one of them. The band recorded a cover of "Streetfight,".... "I feel that being overtly anti-racist just for the sake of outsiders is bullshit. I'm not out to educate the world unless they ask me, as you have, about what it means to me to be a skinhead." Yamamoto adds that [he] doesn't sing racist lyrics... "But if anyone is super-concerned about it, they probably won't be into us in the first place"”

“Released by Czech record label 4Subculture records in 2008. Using an old WWII warposter as a cd-cover and naming it The great patriotic war you know these guys mean business. They are bashing liberals, crusts, nazis and capitalists all in the name of uncle sam and good old white picket fences.... you know you gotta love it. Jimi has now taken over the vocals completely and he reminds me a bit of a mix between Aaron from Counterattack and Hardsoles singer (yes its positive). Some really good tracks on this one. On the rise about the new breed of US skinheads and if the boots would march into Washington DC tomorrow these guys would surrely be in the forefront swinging a noose..... Together with Vanguard, ATF, Vaticans, Brassic and The pillage these guys are the new posterboys for the real American skinhead scene. Dont expect no singalong streetpunk or toughguy Roger Mirret copies. This is US Oi! like it should be, spontaneous, take no prisoners and fuck them all attitude.”