Torture For Pleasure / Press

“After rocking out to some Life of Agony (a Brooklyn-based alt-metal band) with the blokes that make up Deep River, Ont.’s Torture for Pleasure, I got into the grit with lead singer Cici Proctor and lead guitarist Mike Griese of the thrash metal band.”

“Torture for Pleasure is an interesting, intelligent, and majorly creative metal band from Deep River, Ontario, Canada. That’s right…another Canadian great added to the list of awesome music that has made its way out of Canada. They formed in 2012, and it looks as if they are progressing gracefully. They have a killer, brilliantly designed website with all of their music, videos, photos, and the page with the band introducing themselves is absolutely clever. Torture for Pleasure also has a great track on their website of them covering the Jefferson Airplane classic “Somebody to Love”. It rocks; hands down. Their thrash metal sound is topped off with perfection by Cici Proctor (Singer). Thrash metal bands always rule, anyway, but it does one’s heart all the better to see bands such as this one being fronted by a female. Good Job, Cici…YOU ROCK! The rest of the band is Mike Griese (Guitar), Talon Risto (Guitar), Jason Woito (Drums), and Pascal “Paco” Noel (Bass), and eve”