Torso / Press

“Colonnades of odd meter timing and syncopated rhythms line the halls of Torso's Inside EP, creating an aura of strength and a powerful sense that one is lost in a funhouse. Other passages are relaxed and laidback giving off the aroma of quiet confidence. Klaus Gulyas' floor tom blasts shake the walls, the dual guitar haze unleashed by Michael Jandrisevits and Bernhard Gager clouds the senses and waters the eyes while Thomas Pint's effortless bass grooves hold it all together...........”

“Vienna’s Torso lay down all kinds of the rock on their debut, Inside. A good portion of Inside has a bluesy vibe that pours on more cement to the 70′s foundation they’re building on, but Torso mix in some other gravel. The title cut has some desert winds blowing around it that whip up into a break before blowing on out again. Mona Lisa works as straight up rocker with a twist or two, while Black Man and Haunting Witches have a doomier edge that point to some other objects in their rearview mirror. One of the best cuts, Room has whiffs of power-trio hey-day out of the gate, then goes on to a wobbly stoner work out with stop/starts thrown in to keep you guessing, and a bottom-end working overtime to drag you to the finish. They do tone it down on Voices, but the stretch gets muddled and despite the title’s declaration, it could use a little dominance in one voice. That voice is made clear on the outstanding.......”

“I look at the band photo and think, these guys look to young to be influenced by 70's psychedelic rock. But Vienna's Torso blends that sound with a good ol' fashioned stoner vibe for interesting results..........”

“....they cleverly avoid to sound static, and there is no shortage of creativity. Pieces of doom, psychedelic and prog can be found in the mix too, so that 'Inside' remains diverse and exciting. With each play this one builds new synapses and maintains an edge and a bluesy freshness that some of the others don't have. So, if I didn't have this CD already, I would buy it.”

“The intricate gentle almost ambient feel to the opening track One, makes you feel all fuzzy inside, and as the guitars and vocals kick in, you know instantly that this is going to be a fun ride all the way. The haunting vocal midway through, changes the style of the song, but the drums drive it forward keeping the song moving in the right direction. As I sit here listening, my feet are moving, my head it nodding, all excellent signs for the rest of the EP......”

“Hailing from the imperial Vienna, Torso are a groovy psychedelic band with an extra flavor. That extra is called voice. Yes, a screamy high-piched voice. I love the fact that both guitarists are yelling their soul on stage. They are calling out for Monalisa or taking introspective trips into obsessive tunes, building up a fire into your brain.They remind me of the Durango swedes. I've seen them 5 times and each one, it was like a brand new experience. They are getting better and weirder every time i hear them. They seem like a restless body of riff muscles and a backbone made of fat drums held together by a crawling Fender bass. They are a wild bunch, with delicious guitar solos. We had them for 3 times in Timisoara and each time the crowd was amazed. In the end i hope that the black man that haunts witches, can hear it's voice inside one Monalisa. https://www.facebook.com/torsomusic”

"One" and "Mona Lisa" are probably the album's hits. They're so fuckin' catchy and their melodies stuck in your head for good. There is no way to forget them! Once you've heard them, you're done. Two modern rock masterpieces! "Black Man" brings in mind jam songs from bands like Radio Moscow or Samsara Blues Experiment, with a touch of psychedelic doomy blues. A heavy, powerful track, making you ask for more... "Inside" closes magnificently with "Haunting Witches", a hazy, atmospheric son(g) of a bitch which works also as an opening track since you're going to press repeat as soon as it ends. "Inside" is something like a vicious circle. By the time you sucked into it there is no way to get out of it!

“Torso's Inside has all the vital organs needed in a healthy psychedelic rock album. At it's heart there's pumping rhythm section that constantly delivers vital juice. Two talented guitar players regulate the pressure and and spacey vocals breathe sweet life into the debut by this Austrian four-piece. Out of seven, 70s-influenced rock songs, I think the title track and "Haunting Witches" are two of my favorites on Inside. "Mona Lisa" is a modern-day masterpiece, obviously.....”

“Mein lieber Schwan, gerade noch die Meckerer in die Schranken gewiesen*, dann kommen diese frechen Lümmel – mutmaßlich exilburgenländischer Abstammung in Wien – einher und knallen mir ein hochkarätiges Produkt auf die Platte, dass das sprichwörtliche Schwein pfeift! Auf erschaudernd hohem Niveau wird auf diesem demnächst via Stonefree Records erscheinenden Debütwerk „Inside“ dem Stonerrock gefrönt, immer wieder mit einer Prise Psychedelic/Space und 60er/70er Heavy Rock Anleihen und teilweise auch progressiverem Touch durchwoben. Nebst der international problemlos bestehenden Songwriterqualitäten (vor allem Songs wie „Room“, „Mona Lisa“, der Titeltrack oder der nicht zu verachtende Abschluss "Haunting Witches" bestechen auf mitreißende Art, Füller gibt es aber in Wahrheit keine auf dem Album) ist aber auch der gute Soundmix des im Februar 2011 aufgenommenen Werks äußerst positiv hervorzuheben.......”

“From Hendrix to Kyuss through Hawkind or Cream , these guys know how to handle the books of style they crave, and I assure you that knowledge becomes in real time across the stellar disc... Inside is another of my favorites, a great blues and soul drenched lysergic incendiary solos and an otherworldly level. Spectacular!”

“Wow. This is pretty deep. Torso’s upcoming release Inside is pretty damn good. Torso play very bluesy, heavy psych rock. Think of Mount Carmel or to a lesser degree, Radio Moscow. It’s very cool and mesmerizing. I like the fact that non of the songs sounds like another. Each song has it’s own identity. Some are a bit heavier and lean towards the blues side or it can be mellow lean towards the psychedelic spectrum. Then there’s those that mix it up. This is going to be one that people will be talking about years from now.......”

“Seven intense psychedelic rock tracks that borrow heavily from the progressive rock bands that came after the seventies. It still pays homage to that seventies blues sound but with a more distinct and newer sound. Leaning towards something Rush might have done if they would have gone the way of doom and grimy rock. But even that does not do justice to their very own and honest pitch that keeps resonating somewhere deep in the fibers of your being. Torso, remember that name!”

“I will not quote any song in particular because the whole album is a delight to the ears...”

“Torso the psychedelic tinge that pervades and continuous high turnover of rate cause strong emotions in the listener's psyche. Still there are shorter songs that win in the immediacy, the simplicity of their sound and the pure authentic 70's heavy rock that paragoun.Na not forget to mention the soulful voice full of emotion and excellent production that add an extra magic to final sonic result of'' Inside''. Close, suggesting to hear the album soon and get something from the magic as I did.”

“This foursome plays amazingly awesome Stoner Rock with Space and Psychedelic influences. Their debut album Inside is an absolute masterpiece with seven tracks. These songs are all great compositions that are played very well. Another great thing about Torso are the vocals, these are outstanding and well fitting with the music.....”