Torrey Mercer / Press

"Torrey Mercer‘s brand new single is slinky, dark and visceral as it crawls across the skin. Snake Bite, a cut from her forthcoming Exhale EP (out Feb. 5), contains an Evanescence glow but allows Mercer to soar on her own. Mercer’s vocal, too, simmers just on the surface and possesses a ghost-like quality."

“All five songs of "Exhale" are well-conceived pop creations with impressive production qualities that ensure Torrey Mercer's astonishing vocal prowess isn't stymied by less-than-optimal handling.”

““Lies and Lipstick” showcases the skills of a gifted lyricist while highlighting an unforgettable personal journey through a chronic social and cultural problem. As much as she can be a voice for the hard times, Torrey Mercer’s soulful vocals could easily be the soundtrack for the best of times too.”

“Torrey Mercer is a firestorm, vocally and visually. She exhibits substance and purpose in her lyrics and melodic rhythm to keep you feeling her whole vibe. She definitely has a message in her music and is passionate about her decision to deliver it.”

“Young singer-songwriter Torrey Mercer makes a strong showing on this new single. Singing ("Looking Glass") with a powerful voice over a consistent piano melody and driving kick, she offers a refreshing change from big radio names like Katy Perry and Rihanna.”