Tornado Rider / Press

“...Eggleston does things with a cello that one could argue were never intended by man or nature, displaying a decidedly rock sensibility onstage.”

Strings Magazine

“His cello is so vivid, whether swaggering merrily, like a drunken bear, or pumping dark, threatening drones...The importance of what Eggleston is doing can hardly be overstated. He is inventing a new way of hearing and playing cello.”

The Boston Globe

“of all the bands I’ve tried to write about, this is the band that truly has to be seen to be believed. Rushad is a performer like no other, and his band is a blast to watch. Give Tornado Rider 45 minutes, and they will rock your face off and eat it. It’s a lot more fun than it sounds.”

“Like much of the band's set last night, it combined a feat of virtuosity with a child's sense of fantasy -- and it seemed like something that just could not happen in the real world. Which is exactly how the performance of a band called Tornado Rider should seem.”

“Two words sum up Eggleston’s persona succinctly: delightfully implausible...”

“Rushad Eggleston and Tornado Rider's eccentric rumpus raised the dead first thing Saturday. This outer-rim trio ignited the audience (and scared off most of the wildlife) with their frenetic punk project, featuring the virtuosic Eggleston redefining the cello with his tongue. In between ferocious riffs and periods of gibberish, he rocked the crowd with his bizarro anthems "I'm a Falcon" and the "Golden Apple Dance."”

“More a cartoon character than a person, lead singer/cello shreddist Rushad Eggleston came onstage as if he had just won some sort of world championship, bouncing from stage left to stage right in striped pink and black spandex, no shirt and a locks of hair hidden underneath an elf hat. Eggleston subjugated a rapt and rapturous pit of an audience with a sound at turns proggy, new-grass, surf-rock, avant-polka, cello-metal, and much more.”