Tormentium / Press

“Tormentium are not fucking around. Their “Cursed Beyond Flesh” EP is brutal, driving, epic black metal at it’s finest.”

“What happens if this kind of music never sees the light of day and stays buried in the darkness? Studach (Tormentium's vocalist) revels in that idea. "I love the fact that real metal is underground, misunderstood and ignored. That's what makes this music so great!" he says. "It helps keep what we do pure, and uncorrupted by mainstream ignorance. Anyone who hates metal, I really hope they hate us."”

“TORMENTIUM conquered my heart and transported my soul to a level not reached before....Still today...I am speechless!..”

Christophe Szpajdel - Christophe's Live Review Blog

“Tormentium, from Eugene, Oregon have always done things their own way... Seemlessly blending death, black and other unearthly influences into their songs, they transcend the underground while elevating it without selling out... Look, I can't say anything bad about this band, I am a fan for sure.. What I will say over and over, is... Listen to their music..”

“This is another gem of ferocious, raging, yet extremely precise metal from hell.”

Christophe Szpajdel - Christophe's Review Blog