Tori Sparks / Press

“This album is a project that began as a curious experiment. The bilingual album 'El Mar' contains classics, new original songs - including the title track - and several of Tori's composition from her previous four albums, which have been reborn into new and emotionally-charged flamenco-based arrangements. The album shows off not only the varied musical influences of the musicians in the band, but the strong personal influence that the language and music of Spain has had on this most recent work of Tori Sparks.”

Kmon Magazine

“Tori just does not stop! It was an absolute pleasure interviewing such a talented and hardworking young woman.”


“Tori Sparks left everything behind three years ago: She sold her house, her car, even her cats, and came to Barcelona from Nashville, where she had already released four albums. Here, on a trip to Granada, she discovered flamenco in the Sacromonte. The result was the release of the album 'El Mar'…  A great musical discovery, and besides that, a great person.”

Especies Protegides

“She gave us goosebumps... just marvelous...!”

Menu Stereo (Canal+)

“Tori Sparks is a powerhouse! She is one of those great artists who you absolutely have to hear. Her new album El Mar is a real gem, in which she is extremely well-accompanied by rumberos Calamento.”

Mi Mundo Es Cultura

“Tori Sparks is pure art, voice, sensuality, charm, everything you could ask for. ”

Los Conciertos de Radio3, RTVE2 (Spain)

“After an inspired stay in Granada, composer and singer [Tori Sparks], better known for her work in the Americana genre, recorded this surprise of an album with flamenco fusion instrumental trio Calamento. The band was an ideal fit, the dream band for a project with this kind of sound. The richness of rhythms, contrasts, inventiveness and pure soul in this record reach far beyond any hint of artifice or any confines of genre…. The album opens with what could well be the best version of  'Everybody Knows' by Leonard Cohen recorded to date. A somber and even tense opening gradually blooms and spreads, becoming a wealth of warm emotion and exotic musical flavors that weaves for the listener an intense and visceral experience...”

Lugares Comunes

“You've heard many covers of the song 'La Llorona,' but none come close to Tori Sparks' version. Incredible. - The Nightshow, Cadena Ser (Spain)”

The Nightshow (Cadena Ser)

“Tori Sparks is a courageous woman... Her new album [El Mar] is in keeping with the tendency to push the envelope that has continually marked the career of this particular artist... she's an adventurer who fearlessly turned her back on her old life to start another, and one who this year has taken an important step into the unknown.”

Rolling Stone (Spain)

“Already well-known for her roots music, it was logical that her fifth album would mix the sounds of her North American origins with her new musical experiences after having lived on the other side of the world. And, judging by the results, 'El Mar' will definitely win over those who were not yet familiar with [Tori Sparks]. And all this at the age of only 30… a star has been born, and we're lucky to have her close by.”

Musikaze (Spain)

“Tori Sparks is one of those examples of initiative and perseverance, where pragmatism and artistic intuition has lead her to great heights indeed. She has just released - and self-produced - her fifth album, 'El Mar'… a treasure chest of multiple musical styles.”

La Vanguardia (Spain)

“'El Mar,' the latest work by American singer Tori Sparks. A prodigious voice accompanied by instruments that are typical to flamenco: Spanish guitars, cajons and palmas weave an sensual atmosphere that feels almost surreal. She sings in English as well as in Spanish. And in both languages she unravels captivating melodies that are say on the ear, in spite of the potpourri of exotic musical ingredients. The call of new sounds has resulted in a song of an overwhelmingly tempting siren.”

Entradas Agotadas (Spain)

“You'd have to be very brave to successfully pull off project like this one ['El Mar'], and Tori Sparks is exactly that.”

Ruta66 (Spain)

“It is a surprising album, with Tori in a state of perfect grace, backed by a band that brings an acoustic feel to the music that is a pleasure to listen to even for those who go for a more rock 'n' roll aesthetic. Something tells me that 'El Mar' is going to be a significant milestone marking a new era in Tori Sparks' career.”

Ciudadela Rock (Spain)

“Tori Sparks is a young American artist who writes her own music, mostly rock, blues and folk… Her live concerts inspire a huge range of emotions in the audience, from the deepest laughter to the profoundest sorrow… she is also known for her DIY spirit on and offstage.”

El Distrito (Spain)

“'El Mar' is a courageous, even shocking, album - the result of the experiment by Tori Sparks in collaboration with her Spanish musicians is a project that is very musically advanced. A great work.”

Radio Sant Andreu (Spain)

“A delightful and personal work, in which you find both "Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen… and "Verde," the song based on the poem "Romancero Gitano" by Lorca and made famous by Manzanita. I relished every new musical nuance brought to the project by Calamento and expertly honed by Tori, who aside from the stunningly individual versions of other artists' works also presents us with a few original compositions which are absolute jewels. This concept is one that is difficult to bring to life, but Tori Sparks has made it happen -- recording a technically perfect album on one hand, and on the other, bringing freshness and originality to a fusion of styles with seemingly distant roots, such as Flamenco, Mediterranean music and American culture ... Live in concert, Tori performs palmas as if she had been born on the doorstep of the Alhambra, but when she gets up from her chair and grabs her guitar, this is when the real fusion begins: That of "el duende" and blues "mojo."”

No Te Detengas (Spain)

“We're still fans of Tori Sparks' sound, and of her new album 'El Mar' (2014) -- probably her best work to date and without a doubt the most Latino. Although in certain songs we hear more or less of her usual bluesy style, in this record she dares to blend - with great success - elements of Flamenco with her trademark rock and folk sound.”

Histericas Grabaciones (Spain)

“She has developed an innate capacity to observe and reflect the world around her in the form of a song. She has nipped in the bud any question of stylistic limitation…. Tori has grown as an artist, about that there can be no doubt. She has vaulted over the barrier of the classic American "singer-songwriter" to become something much more profound, more global, more multidimensional. And furthermore, she's managed to it with such style that the rock crowd still accepts and thoroughly enjoys it… This album should be the one that definitively makes her a big name in this country.”

Efe Eme (Spain)

“Alternative and unsettling… her style in this new work ['El Mar'] combines elements of rock, folk, flamenco fusion, all set within a film noir atmosphere. Dark and sensual.”

Diario de Navarra (Spain)

“Indescribable, I loved it… a new form of 'Barcelones-Americana' fusion. Highly recommended, it's worth it to look up her website and discover for yourself the result of this incredibly interesting mix of styles.”

Deruting (Spain)

“'El Mar' is the fifth work in American singer Tori Sparks' discography, now a resident of Barcelona for the past three years. American folk, jazz, and flamenco influences come together in this very special album… It's a monster of a record.”

Orpheo (Spain)

"El Mar" is the title of the fifth album by American resident of Barcelona, Tori Sparks… the participation of the band Calamento in this new project is the key to the sound of this album, in which the songs take on the tonality of flamenco. Surprisingly, it combines marvelously with Tori's incredible voice, which continues to dominate… together they achieve a musical hybrid that definitely has legs.

Rock'n'Roll Army (Spain)

“Her voice is a surprise from the first moment that she starts to sing, as are her look and her strong presence onstage. Hers is the voice of a strong woman who without a doubt has a story to tell. The fifth album by American singer-songwriter Tori Sparks is called 'El Mar,' and touches upon a wide range of genres: Blues, rock, and folk with touches of Flamenco…. her voice and her energy had me hypnotized, it was almost impossible to tear my eyes off of her.”

Underscore (Spain)

“The night began with Tori Sparks and her band, belting out song after song from her new work, in which new original songs and versions of several of the great classics intermingle. There are so many elements to her new project - she might convert a traditional flamenco theme into a country or blues song, or describe the city of Nashville in perfect Spanish mixed with a few slang phrases tossed out in her native English. One moment her voice is calm and soothing, the next she suddenly lets loose the incredible force of her passionate delivery. What holds the seemingly disparate stylistic elements together is her unfailing intensity and clear authenticity. A jewel of an artist and a great discovery.”

La Capsa (Spain)

“She has an extensive resume under her belt with more than 200 concerts per year and prestigious festivals such as the Montreux Jazz Festival, WOMEX, and SXSW… Even though her musical roots come from the southern part of the United States, Tori had a strong desire to begin a new chapter in her career as a result of her time studying flamenco in Granada and her experiences collaborating with the flamenco fusion trio Calamento in Barcelona…. an amazing vocal presence.”

IndieStar (Spain)

“Everything about this woman is to be admired: She is afraid of nothing. She has a voice that rings out like a church bell, a sense of feeling for the six strings of the the guitar, a contagious presence onstage... it's a gift to be able to witness her live show... her new album, El Mar, has swept away the doubts of skeptics and purists alike.”

Ruta66 (Spain)

“In her fifth album, Tori Sparks passes her American singer-songwriter style through the filter of flamenco... a risky operation... that opens with assurance, and avoid comparisons with other flamenco fusion projects.”

Rockdelux (Spain)

“[Tori Sparks' album 'El Mar'] is her fifth album, a courageous work filled with intricate rhythmic arrangements and detailed guitar parts … the mix of Anglosaxon and Latin musical cultures reminds me of albums of the great Linda Ronstadt like 'Mis Canciones'.”

La Ganuza (Spain)

“What a pleasure to have her in the studio, Tori Sparks has a spectacular voice - she left us with our mouths hanging open from the ever first notes … it's the first time I've fallen madly in love with the voice of a singer.”

Radio3, "Todos Somos Sospechosos" (Spain)

“El Mar' (the sea) as a symbol, as a metaphor for the culmination of a dream and of a long journey - the title of this album says it all… As brave and innovative as ever, Tori uses her spectacular voice as never before. Her inimitable talent shines through, making irrelevant questions as to whether this music is folk, rock, or flamenco. Her music almost brought me to tears. Bravo.”

MondoSonoro (Spain)

“[El Mar is] a fresh, spontaneous album in which every strum of the guitar fits perfectly the nuances of Tori's lovely voice... The music speaks for itself, just press play.”

Culturaca (Spain)

“There's only one month left until the Festes Mayor de Gracia 2014 (Major Festival of Gracia), and they've started announcing the big names who will form a part of the program this year… Calle Mozart moves into first position with the performance of North American singer Tori Sparks.”

L'Independent (Spain)

“Chicago-born, Florida-raised Tori Sparks is the epitome of DIY: If you want to do it right, do it yourself. The 30-year old songwriter has released five albums on her own label Glass Mountain Records, including the latest, El Mar.”

Pause 'N' Play (US)

“What a luxury it is to have her in the studio!”

Radio Star Terrassa (Spain)

“Tori pays homage to a style of music that might seem a bit distant [from our day-to-day here in Spain], but with her passionate voice she manages to bring it closer to us, developing a loyal audience that has followed her from the beginning.”

Polaroid of the Day (Spain)

“[Tori Sparks] has already released four albums, and now presents us with her fifth, "El Mar' (2014) - a very curious project that features some of her own songs transformed by Flamenco influences.”

TimeOut Barcelona (Spain)

“Tori Sparks is a rock'n'blues singer-songwriter from Chicago, though she's spent most of her time in Nashville and has played with a number of well-known musicians (Fats Kaplin, multiinstrumentalist for Jack White among them)… At the moment, we have the great luck to have her living nearby in Barcelona, a city in which she has made a big name for herself thanks to her impressive voice and great artistic talent.”

Rock In Spain (Spain)

“Along with the announcement of her first tour dates in support of her album 'El Mar' and the release of her new single and music video, Tori Sparks has presented us with a ton of surprises…. when she first gave us [the single] "Everybody Knows," we knew that 'El Mar' would be something special, and it made the wait for [official release date] October 10th feel even longer… The video was recorded in just one day, and later edited in Madrid by director Francesco Tavolaro and Tori herself.”

J-Musind (Spain)

“Tori Sparks lets primordial passion take over in her fifth album 'El Mar'… along with flamenco fusion trio Calamento providing the perfect rhythmic base… the precise combination of these two elements is the crux of the album.”

DirtyRock (Spain)

“Originally from Nashville, Tori Sparks is known for her brilliant and innovative lyrics... she creates a relaxed atmosphere to great effect, her intense and sensual performances never fail to captivate the audience.”

La Nazione (Italy)

“Tori's music contains many folk influences, which lend a sense of intimacy to her compositions -- this added to her already proven talent to write and sing great songs.”

Il Piccolo (Italy)

“In her fifth album, Tori Sparks passes her North American songwriter roots through the filter of Flamenco… a risky operation that, moreover, opens up with a bulls eye: 'Everybody Knows' defies comparisons…”

Rockdelux (Spain)

“There is to doubt that Tori is a woman to be admired: She is not daunted by anything. …Musical rules were made to be broken in her case: Sparks has demonstrated excellent sense of taste in choosing her accompanying musicians [Calamento] ... all in the service of an American who gives new meaning to the often over-used term 'fusion.' Her siren's voice, her sense of feeling as expressed by six strings, her contagious energy onstage and her striking image complete the picture. She now has five albums under her belt, but it seems like she'd only just getting started.”

Ruta66 (Spain)

“Musically, El Mar gives us a swirl of flavors where Sparks' origins of folk, rock, and country are seasoned with palmas, punteos, flamenco rhythms, even Middle Eastern and Mexican influence. The fact that she's gutsy enough to sing half the of the lyrics in Spanish only accentuates the sensation of listening to something exotic and hard to categorize.”

RockZone (Spain)

“My Lord, what an irrepressible, incredible, beautiful, bloody awesome force. It's like an ocean, a huge wave of sound that just sweeps over you. You submerge yourself in it and you don't ever want to come up for air - it's the voice of Tori Sparks.”

Carne Cruda (Spain)

“Already well-known as a roots and blues singer, the logical thing would be to hear her North American sound mixed with the influences gained in her experience living overseas.... Judging by the reaction [to El Mar], the album cannot fail to win over those who haven't already discovered her.”

InZona (Spain)

“In case you don't already know her, Tori Sparks is a Chicago-born rock'n'blues singer-songwriter with an extensive curriculum to her credit... El Mar is her fifth album, though her first recorded in Spain... where she is already making a big name for herself thanks to her great talent.”

RitmosXXI (Spain)

“Her selection [of songs]... have a strong emotional impact, all stemming from deeply personal experiences.”

iCat Radio (Spain)

“[El Mar] is an impressive album, it's the work of a truly great artist.”

El Musicografo (Spain)

“What a treat to have her in the studio, it was one of the best acoustic sessions in the history of the program!”

Radio4, "Anem de Tarda" (Spain)

“Tori Sparks' career paints the picture of a strong woman, capable of staring fear in the face and overcoming all obstacles… she has carved a place for herself in the European music scene thanks to an intense musical style that doesn't sound quite like anybody else… she has done all this work practically on her own… in [El Mar] the American singer has given a nod towards the genre of Flamenco and even recorded half of the album in Spanish, along with Calamento, an instrumental group that perfectly blends with Tori's own unique style.”

CadenaSer (Spain)

“Tori Sparks' live concerts awaken profound emotions in everyone who hears her... she leaves no one indifferent.”

Editor - Pues Ya Ves (Spain)

“Tori Sparks is an expressive singer brimming with Soul, Country, Rock, and even Flamenco influences… Like Sheryl Crow, only better and more versatile. Tori Sparks is a musical daredevil who heats up the room, whether she's playing solo or with her band.”

Oliver Funke - Holsteinischer Courier (Germany)

“Worth discovering!”

Redacteur - La Spike de Lyc Music (France)

“Tori Sparks is unique... in Until Morning/Come Out of the Dark she takes you from up in the heavens to the depths, to a motel with sunlight filtering in through the dusty blinds and a Blble on the nightstand...”

Jorge Salas - Muzikalia (Spain)

“[Tori Sparks’] Come Out Of The Dark… [and] Until Morning is actually a very varied picture, with solid Latin rock, jazzy, country, and folky numbers. Sparks shines here … a lovely collection of Americana that is very enjoyable. Sample it yourself and you’ll hear how versatile she is.”

Holly M. - Moors Magazine

“Tori Sparks knows her craft so well that she is able to maintain our focus during the nearly two hours of her live show… the presence of her deep voice and serious lyrical drama accentuated and emphasized by the right musical arrangement. She showed a sense of spectacle typical of some North American artists who care not only the songs, but about how to fill the space between them… Her strong personality could be the trick that will guarantee her prominent place in the music scene. ”

Fran Cea - Rock Live (Spain)

“Tori Sparks is an American artist who has recently traded Nashville for Barcelona, but she spends most of her days traveling all over the world. Her live shows awaken a huge range of emotions in the audience, from the most joyful, spontaneous laughter to the deepest sense of sadness.”

Redactor Cultural - El Periodico de Aragon (Spain)

“Her music is a fusion of blues, rock, folk, and jazz, even a little country... Tori Sparks is known internationally for her artistic commitment and for her independent spirit.”

D.N. - Diario de Navarra (Spain)

“As suggested by the title [Until Morning/Come Out of the Dark], the fourteen songs are divided by the dichotomy between the night and the morning, light and shadow, and muscially between Rock and Folk. Guided by Tori's robust and versatile voice, and a praiseworthy narrative sense, the songs reflect the distinct emotional atlas of their composer.”

Jordi Meya - RockZone (Spain)

“The eternal dichotomy between day and night… the good and the evil is the concept behind Tori Sparks’ double album, released in the era of the neosingle priced at ninety-nine cents… The young and prolific activist from Chicago… has knocked on the doors of voices who still believe in real roots rock, such as Shawn Mullins and Mike Farris… in order to give us a record that harkens back to Petty, a bit of Crowes, with vocal forays into the stylistic territories of Stipe and Benetar.”

Jordi Torrents - Ruta 66 (Spain)

“American Tori Sparks is well-known on the Americana scene. She is a singer-songwriter - but one of those who redeems her own material with courage, and above all a coherent vision. It is that - combined with an obvious songwriting talent and a flair for surrounding herself with solid musicians - that makes her music so interesting… The music emerges as forceful and significant… Characterized by a fascinating, raw vocals… and terrific riffs.”

Ivan Rod, - Gaffa (Denmark)

“‘Until Morning' reflects the dark side of Tori’s vocal and songwriting skill, while 'Come Out Of The Dark' is a little lighter regarding the songwriting and also touches more the Americana/Folk side... Without a doubt, this is high quality music and let’s hope her upcoming non-stop touring throughout 2012 in support of 'Until Morning/Come Out Of The Dark' will pay off and give her the credit she deserves. 8.5 of 10 stars.”

Gabor Kleinbloesem - Strutterzine (Netherlands)

“Tori Sparks was born in America, but now lives in Barcelona, and is an artist with an already remarkable career… Tori plays numerous concerts with and without a band ... this time she came alone [to play in Tarragona] with a pair of acoustics… and the percussion provided by her stomping feet. Obviously an experienced performer, Tori knows how to effectively "fill" each moment of the concert with songs and anecdotes, presenting herself and her music with a combination of sensitivity and humor… Tori’s unique voice combined with her elegant way of playing the guitar was more than enough to convey all the emotion you could ask for, proving that sometimes it few tools in the right hands are enough to move an audience.”

David Areste, - Metal Symphony (Spain)

“Folk, Country, and Americana are all within the talents of Tori Sparks, a prominent figure in the US music scene now living in Barcelona… the first half her new double-pack album [Until Morning/Come Out of the Dark] is dark and sophisticated bluesy rock… the second is more folk, traditional and emotional, and shows off her captivating voice. Two sides of a very valuable coin.”

Diamond Jim - This is Rock (Spain)

“Tori Sparks, in just a few months living in Barcelona (the Raval) has seduced us with her voice on numerous occasions in live concerts… Her hard work has recently brought to light another self-produced album, Until Morning/Come Out of the Dark, which maintains her stamp of superior quality …Her musical vision, earthiness, and ability to give meaning to the everyday world around us guarantees that her reputation will only continue to grow.”

Albert Roca Lara - BarcelonaMusic (Spain)

"[Tori Sparks] is not new on the music scene, but the release of her fourth disc [Until Morning/Come Out of the Dark] could mean a rebirth... and the definitive take-off for her. Her concept is very original."

Toni Castarnado - MondoSonoro

“In the time that I’ve known Tori Sparks, there’s been more than one occasion when I’ve wondered if she was an actual person or possibly an amalgamation of fact and fiction like a legendary folklore character. In other words, she’s epic. Sparks is a classic troubadour who melds verse and melody to create emotionally driven literary vignettes that engage, seduce and enrich with a preternatural prowess.”

Allen Foster - Lower Southampton Patch (US)

“Tori Sparks never leaves you feeling indifferent... her strong personality comes through in all of her work. She is well worth discovering.”

G.D. - Sur La Route de Memphis

“[Tori Sparks] is more than special... a mix of folk and 'country' with a touch of rock.”

Laura Fernandez - El Mundo (Spain)

“Tori Sparks has a great voice and uses it with intensity and force…There is a concept behind the separation of the two discs that I like… Until Morning reflects [Tori’s] dark and sensual side, and Come Out Of This Dark is filled with hope and faith. …Her lyrics are an integral aspect of her songs and well worth studying.”

Georg Ryttman - Countrywood (Sweden)

“A great vocalist with a strong and distinctive style... evocative lyrics and catchy tunes... [Until Morning/Come Out of the Dark] is a very thoughtful album with lyrics straight from the heart.”

RW - Rock Society Magazine

“Tori Sparks, who has transplanted herself from Nashville to Barcelona... blends all styles of music, from rock to country to jazz, resulting in an aggressive yet sensual sound.”

Editor Cultural - Contrapunt (Spain)

“Until Morning is dark and sensuous… expertly written and sung by Tori. Come Out of the Dark is absolutely joyous, uplifting vocals and tender ballads… Tori Sparks has been compared to Bonnie Raitt, but Bonnie is not in the same league as this lady when it comes to passionate lyrical songwriting, but mind you she is a damn good slide player.”

Bob Bonsey, - BluesMatters (UK)

“Tori Sparks is an American born and bred singer/songwriter who left the musical comforts of Nashville and headed to Barcelona. That is a gutsy move and can only help broaden her already extensive musical palette. Sparks has a soulful style and a wide, wide range. The worldly influences are clearly evident here from the gutsy Americana based folk rock to lounge room soul to the tropicalia stylings of someone like Gal Costa… This is a major work here and is as deserving of a broad based audience as much as anything I have heard in the last few months… I don’t think it took me even a full listen for me to judge this as one of the better albums of the year.”

David Hintz - Folkworld (Germany)

“In [Until Morning/Come Out of the Dark], Tori Sparks announces herself as a true performer with a presence, a firm grip on herself, and with something to say… Though her commercial potential is obvious, she also delves into realms more intimate and folky”

Redacteur - La Cri du Coyote (France)

“Tori Sparks is a headstrong and independent songwriter who goes her own way, her singing incredibly expressive and energetic. But what really grabs you is the lyrics… Tori is not just some sad singer-songwriter… she is a girl with an attitude and the inner strength, who dares to stand strong in the middle of the storm. In Tori Sparks I find a musician who has that spark that so many lack.”

Mary Stock Green - Lira Magazine (Germany)

“[On Until Morning/Come Out of the Dark] Tori Sparks’ compositions and arrangements are again excellent, and just like the last album [The Scorpion in the Story], her vocal style is intense and expressive.”

Huub Thomassen - Real Roots Café (Sweden)

“Before listening I thought that a double CD [Until Morning/Come Out of the Dark] was going to be a lot to take in, but in fact the total playing time is only 50 mins, and splits the material nicely into manageable sizes, emphasizing the Saturday night/Sunday morning feel. I really like the voice, production and mix - top notch. …Excellent stuff, indeed!”

Geraint Davies - WN Network (UK)

“Tori Sparks is an American artist who has recently exchanged Nashville (Tennessee) for Barcelona… Her live shows awaken a wide range of emotions in her public, from laughter, to deeper feelings of melancholy…. Tori is known for her spirit of independence as an artist.”

Redactor - Factoria del Ritmo (Spain)

“'Until Morning/Come Out of the Dark' demonstrate contrasting sides of Tori Sparks’ talent, but the two discs are bound together by one shared quality – passion. 4 of 4 stars.”

Steve Amos - Rock’n’Reel [R2] (UK)

“It is wonderful to discover music that you excited, that touches the soul, as does this new release of Tori Sparks, ‘Until Morning/Come Out of the Dark.’ …Tori prints her soul into each groove of the record. She moves between genres, but her music is inspired… You should not miss the opportunity to listen to Tori, because when music contains true beauty, it crosses cultures and borders.”

Carlos T. Nortwinds - RockInSpain (Spain)

“Tori Sparks is an American rock and blues singer from Nashville… she has already released [four] albums by her own record label and has toured internationally. In her performances she alternates between soulful and hilarious, making her presence and her voice very dynamic.”

Rosy Bentley - Barcelona Connect

“The spitting of the songs into two discs on the new album by Tori Sparks makes perfect sense. The first EP Until Morning deals with the darker side of life, whereas Come Out Of The Dark explains the possible resolution. It is conceptually very well thought through… The music has changed since her last album The Scorpion in Story, but the absolutely high level of quality has not been altered …All the arrangements are sophisticated without being overpowering …All in all, one can not go wrong… timeless, great music.”

Ingo Andruschkewitsch - Musik An Sich (Germany)

“Usually, the term "singer/songwriter" suggests that the artist is a songwriter who sings, sometimes in only a barely adequate, get-me-over voice, in order to showcase her songs. But then there are artists like Van Morrison and Laura Nyro who are sufficient vocal stylists to be considered singers who happen to write their own songs. Sparks... sings in a throaty alto, adding all sorts of expressive coloring to her romantic, poetic lyrics, thus giving them an added emotionalism.”

William Ruhlmann - All Music

“Until Morning/Come Out of the Dark… is a veritable masterpiece. …Tori's veracious lyrics and scorching delivery cast her as a female Tom Mcrae, opening her wounds and bleeding all over this spellbinding record. Practically perfect from start to finish.”

Simon Ramsay - AllGigs (UK)

“Her voice is [Tori’s] most powerful weapon, steeped in soul but capable of performing rock and of course folk music…”

David Albini - Shortcuts (Italy)

“This woman has been compared to many people, although in most cases they are incomplete comparisons, because if there is anything particularly remarkable in her work, it is its originality. [Tori] melds genres and content so as to wrap every song in the musical clothing consistent with its story.”

Jose Maria Esteban - World Music (Spain)

“The production and vocal talent is clothed in freshness… Tori sings, composes, plays acoustic guitar and travels surrounded by songs recorded with a delicacy and attention to detail that enriches the listening experience… I listened to [Until Morning/Come Out of the Dark] five or six times! I am a fan of Tori Sparks. 8 of 10 stars.”

Juan García Landero - La Ganzua (Spain)

“[Tori Sparks’ Until Morning/Come Out of the Dark] is a flawless collection by a name that deserves to be far better known, and an artist whose back catalogue I'll now be tracking down.”

Mike Davies - NetRhythms (UK)

"Maybe Tori Sparks will get Spain some long-overdue musical kudos... Intense and emotional. Just superb. This is her first offering from living in Spain. Hope we get to hear much more from Tori."

Stella C - Country Routes News (UK)

“One quickly learns to recognize Tori… The production [of Until Morning/Come Out of the Dark] gives the songs the weight they were meant to have, and the textual meaning is reinforced by the distinctly talented instrumentalists playing behind her. It is an album that captures it’s audience immediately. When I played it at home with people visiting, the questions came spontaneously: Who is this? Who is the singer? What's her name?”

Rune Häger - Roosty (Sweden)

“Her third album, released in 2009, "The Scorpion In The Story," garnered a lot of applause in European roots music circles, and so it was for Tori Sparks especially important to come up with an equally solid successor. In this case, the iron forge has now suddenly turned very hot. ….For example, with one of the title tracks [to Until Morning/Come Out of the Dark], Sparks confirms our response to "The Scorpion In The Story" with regards to her proclaimed abilities. It is possible that this new album will be an even a breakthrough, on a larger scale. For Tori, we hope so!”

Benny Metten - CTRL. ALT. COUNTRY (Belgium)

“Essentially Sparks is a very good songwriter with a powerful voice and a cooking band… from her new disc Until Morning/Come Out of the Dark, Judge a Book is a real humdinger. Classic pedal steel and twang guitar rumble and wail throughout this turbo charged monster that has a wonderful cinematic feel about it. The first disc opens with Rain (The Widow), a pile-driving howl with a magnificent percussive drive and some wild guitar squalls while Mama has an almost Hispanic beat to it. The Hispanic influence reappears on the one cover here. Quizas Quizas Quizas is a 1940’s Cuban song and Sparks delivers it with a fine sense of sensuality and menace.”

Paul Kerr - Blabber and Smoke (UK)

“Only 27 years young, Tori has 4 critically acclaimed albums on her own label, Glass Mountain Records. With over 200 concerts a year, Tori is one of the most hard working women in the music business. This fourth release [Until Morning/Come Out of the Dark] is a collaboration with multi-instrumentalist and top producer David Henry…Tori Sparks is a great singer-songwriter who works with many great artists. This album is top in its genre!”

Philip Verhaege - Keys and Chords (Belgium)

“There's something about Tori Sparks I like. If it's because she creates really good songs, or if it is that they also are incorporated into a complete sound, I do not know… The whole album [Until Morning/Come Out of the Dark] is like a sketch, a sample or map of all that is good within the realm of melancholy. The songs revel in solitude and in relationships, and in enjoying a minor mood.”

Magnus Sjoberg - Gaffa (Sweden)

“Female singer songwriters delivering with slightly smoky, jazzy voices are two a penny, but across this double-disc set, which effectively comprises two mini-albums, Tori Sparks makes every effort to prove that she's got an edge that sets her apart. …Gutsy vocals and intelligent, articulate lyrics that are characterful, clever …a strong yet cracked vocal delivery and pens unconventional lyrics that have the capacity to grab the listener's attention.”

Christopher Nosnibor - Whisperin’ and Hollerin’ (UK)

“With her powerful voice Tori Sparks knows how to create a dramatic and expressive atmosphere… there is a touch of Tom Waits on [Until Morning/Come Out of the Dark]… static and flowing, dreamy and subdued, then punchy and sassy… an experience.”

Wolfgang Giese - Rocktimes (Germany)

“Sparks is not yet 30 but seems to have packed a lot into life. After living in various parts of America, she has recently moved to Barcelona – reading through her biography to date, you feel that this is a woman voracious for new experiences and challenges… Until Morning disc is edgier and more experimental… By contrast, Come Out Of The Dark is warm, friendly and familiar. …However, the thing that really catches the ear is that Tori Sparks is unafraid, and ambitious to see what music she can pull out of herself. I’m left with the feeling that the best is yet to come.”

John Davy - Flying Shoes (UK)

“Tori crosses backwards and forwards over the rivers of folk, country, and Americana with an effortless skip… powerful and moving… [Until Morning/Come Out of the Dark] is a regular on my CD player. 5 of 5 stars.”

John Jobling - Maverick Magazine (UK)

“[Tori Sparks’ Until Morning/Come Out of the Dark] is going to one of the best records you’re going to hear this month or any other month… desert landscapes with a hint of Enriico Morricone… an original work of considerable depth, quality, and imagination and is a superb record. Not to be missed.”

Review Team - Live Blues (UK)

“[Tori Sparks’] latest release, Until Morning/Come Out Of The Dark, finds an artist who has matured over the past four years… The lyrics are more incisive and the music has acquired greater sophistication… The one thing that hasn’t changed is her voice, which remains a formidable instrument and the foundation of her appeal… Tori Sparks… takes a giant step with Until Morning/Come Out Of The Dark to produce a work that is both creative and inventive.”

David Bowling - BlogCritics Music

“It has been a long, hot summer, but for singer/songwriter Tori Sparks the last year has been on fire. Last fall she lit up stages in eight European countries, playing 200 concerts worldwide. This summer she released her fourth critically acclaimed album, Until Morning/Come Out of the Dark, sold her home in Nashville to one of the Doobie Brothers, and made herself a new life in Spain. There she eats churros in Hemingway haunts and runs with the bulls, all with the British press panting in pursuit. We’ll be seeing much more of this young lady.”

Cindy McCain - The Nashville Examiner

“I had to listen to [Tori Spark’s] twofer EP [Until Moring/Come Out of the Dark] three times in order to try to nail down why it was so intriguing… in riveting intensity, she has mastered the marrow-deep conviction and passion that made Janis such a phenomenon. By a factor of 10, Sparks is a true full-spectrum artist… a movingly hypnotic instrument of thickly painted canvases, Catalonian and Greco-esque in smoldering storminess and power. In truth, try as I might, I can't summon up a comparative except in the male domain: Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Randy Newman…although when this firebrand revs up in Over, Ana Popovic comes to mind in a searing white-hot conflagration.”

Mark S. Tucker - FAME

“Singing in English, French and Spanish, Sparks… finely balances soul and hilarity. Her combined talent and entrepreneurial spirit has kept her busy… The first disc [on Until Morning/Come Out of the Dark] reflects the dark and sensual dynamic of Sparks’ vocal and songwriting skills. Check out “Mama.” The second disc, is Americana meets folk—the first track, “My Delilah” reflects the polarity of the first disc. 5 of 5 Stars”

McRiprocks, - Austin Daze

“Fine work… Tori takes on the tough stuff!”

“I’m particularly impressed by Tori Sparks (and her double EP, an original idea!) What a marvellous singer, I love her.”

“The songs [from Tori Sparks’ Come Out of the Dark/Until Morning] are well-crafted, complex, thought-provoking and emotional. Great songs and great music…just what I anticipated.”

“The North-American cantautora Tori Sparks sings with great lyrical and emotional intensity, drawing influences from rock, blues, and folk in equal measure.”

Jordi Soler - El Punt (Girona, Spain)

“Tori Sparks' stage presence is dynamic, personable, very entertaining, and witty. Many in our audience, for days to come after her show, sent positive comments and accolades for Tori's performance. Her songwriting is diverse, her delivery is intense and passionate, and her voice is, quite simply, powerful.”

Paul Doss (Presenter/Host) - Doss Barn Concerts: Review and Recommendation

“Tori Sparks attempts to discuss something about human nature on her ambitious new album [The Scorpion in the Story]… great poetic lyrics… soft tunes with sharp words. Sparks handles this with finesse, and sings like an angel… It's an appealing and intriguing listen.”

Anna Maria Stjärnell - Luna Kafé (Sweden)

“Go see Tori Sparks. Everyone in the world needs to see, and hear, Tori Sparks.”

Randy Tredway - In The Music Room

“Tori Sparks is a DIY artist in every sense of the word. She is manager, producer, singer, songwriter, marketer, distributor, publisher, saleswoman, web designer and she drives her own car too! Phenomenal.”

Valerie Gurka - New York Planet Media

“[The Scorpion in the Story] is an interesting mix… Tori´s voice is the centre of the songs… Really beautiful.”

Kaj Roth - Melodic (Sweden)

“[Tori Sparks’] soulful vocals roam atop the haunting, earthy twang of banjos and accordions… Music so vivid that I could not only see colors as I listened, but it left a dusty taste in my mouth as well. This woman can tell a gripping story… with the precise timing and delivery of a stand-up comic!”

Allen Foster, Editor - Songwriter’s Monthly

“I've seen many artists, and Tori Sparks is the most amazing songwriter I've ever seen!”

Phillip Gibbs - KRFC 88.9 FM (Fort Collins, CO)

“Each track [on The Scorpion in the Story] is like a little history or story… they are different but they are somehow connected. Musically, Tori [Sparks] succeeds in mixing different genres into a glorious and beautiful blend… Tori really manages to convey all the emotions that a human can feel.”

Sanna Olson - Ikon magazine (Germany)

“Folk-Pop with a hint of R’n’B… Tori [Sparks] has a gorgeous voice, it’s impossible to listen with indifference… especially to the ballads with their delicious accents.”

Redacteur - Sur la Route de Memphis (France)

“Tori gave an intelligent and engaging lecture and performance. Just what our students needed, if you ask me -- straightforward, real, enticing yet terrifying advice about the futures they so much want for themselves. She is wise beyond her years, her approach to such a presentation was spot-on, and any program is lucky to have such a visitor.”

Bruce Moser, D.M.A. (Assistant Professor of Music - Chowan University Recommendation and Review

“The attractive and talented Tori Sparks dazzled the Beehive audience… Tori played guitar throughout the evening, explaining the stories behind the songs… The songs “Tall Towers” and “Blue Tattoo” particularly highlighted Tori’s musical versatility. As the evening came to a close, it was clear that Tori was not going to get away without performing a few more songs… All in all this was an excellent evening with wonderful music provided by an extremely talented young singer-songwriter. The audience were really impressed, clapping and cheering loudly …I would recommend that music fans of all genres go and see Tori Sparks if they get the chance, as they certainly will not be disappointed.”

Laura Hunt - Maverick Magazine

“Tori Sparks lights up a room with her clever lyrics, gorgeous voice, irresistible personality, wit, charm and beauty. She is THE perfect house concert performer and can easily move from folk to blues to Americana and roots with ease. Tori is a gifted songwriter, excellent storyteller, and has a talent for holding an audience captive. She puts everyone at ease because she is so comfortable herself. And after it's over? Nobody wants to leave...”

Les Reynolds (Host) - LR House Concerts

“Tori’s voice evokes for me Sam Brown… as well as Joan Osborne… though I must say that Tori leads with style points over her aforementioned vocal colleagues. 5 stars… [The Scorpion in the Story] an excellent disc.”

Börje Holmén - Nya Skivor (Sweden)

“Tori Sparks is an awesome house concert performer. She has a magnificent, dynamic voice with a three octave range and sings from a tender whisper to a powerful shout depending on the song. Tori's personality on and off stage makes her a treat to be around, with a fine sense of humor and the sophistication not to take herself too seriously. She connects with the audience from the stage and works hard to get to know each person. This bright and sensitive, hard-working woman is on her way to great things.”

Lee Herman (Host) - Las Alturas House Concerts Recommendation

“[Tori Sparks’] dynamic live show is equal parts … singing and zany humor. ”

S. Derrickson Moore - Las Cruces Sun-News

“At 26 years old, Sparks has an accomplished record as an independent musician with a do-it-yourself attitude… [she] has gained an international reputation in Europe, Canada, and the U.S. for her powerful vocal presence and her audience appeal.”

Ariana Kramer - Taos News

“Watch out, this album will take you aback! [The Scorpion in the Story] is a flawless work where Tori’s voice and the music mix together with delightful aggression and sensuality… It's hard to find comparisons… Magnificent!”

Jean-Jacques Corrio - Le Cri du Coyote

“Wonderful, vaudeville-colored cabaret blues, country, and Americana. Sparks has a captivating voice… beautiful, well-produced, and with really good song material.”

Petter Seander - Red Hot Rock (Sweden)

“[Sparks] writes all the lyrics an emotional intensity that has to be listened to and appreciated for its perception! I could visualize a young Joan Baez or Chrissie Hynde, but Tori Sparks is so much more... pure raw GBH of the heart. This woman is the epitome of multi-tasking with a range of skills... if that weren't enough, she runs her own record label.”

Tom Walker - Blues Matters (UK)

“Sparks has made quite a name for herself... be sure to catch [her] while she is in town.”

Bill Lehane - The Prague Post

"An exciting musical trip! The journey [through The Scorpion in the Story] begins in Kentucky, with the wonderful "Tall Towers,” and ends at the Canadian border. In between there's room for a lot to happen. …Sparks’ voice is powerful and intense, always filled with passion, and the band moves easily within all the musical styles.

Gert-Ove Fridlund - Hallandsposten (Sweden)

“Intimate songs, smoothly as well as intensely sung, gorgeous semi-acoustic foundations framed with exceptionally good arrangements… A succession of pure gems. …[Sparks’] The Scorpion In The Story is simply a sparkling jewel in the singer-songwriter genre, and in any event, not be missed by fans.”

Huub Thomassen - Real Roots Café (Netherlands)

“[Tori Sparks’] gentle ballads shine… but no less fascinating are the ramblings in the southern sounds of Tall Towers and Days and Days And Nights. In short, The Scorpion in the Story is a great album that will excite those who let the songs in.”

Salvatore Esposito - Il Popolo del Blues (Italy)

“Refreshing… [Tori Sparks’ The Scorpion in the Story] contains that secret ingredient of a hit song, the enjoyable heartbreak. All this to music that ties itself with understanding, to every word.”

Martin - The Next Big Thing (UK)

“The voice of Tori Sparks is reminiscent of Ani DiFranco, but better because it sounds full and fulfills the potential created by the lyrics and music… [Her] music reminds me of rockin’ Sheryl Crow with a certain southern groove.”

Wolfgang Giese - Rocktimes (Germany)

“Root and branch music as opposed to regular Americana, [The Scorpion in the Story] is quite a broad canvas. Ms Sparks has one of those pristine voices that’s a little bit country and an equal part pop, similar to Eddie Reader before she turned into a folkie diva, and without the affectation… What’s not to dig? ”

Lindsay Hutton - The Next Big Thing (UK)

“Tori has obviously lived the stories she weaves… and she not only sings, she can also play. The often shockingly good text of the songs are built on a musical “background” of many colors, including folk, rock, and blues elements. …Fortunately, Tori Sparks, is not in the camp of those artists enrich, whom they say, ‘if you’ve heard one, you’ve heard them all.’ The songs are diverse, and each contains a spark of the ‘unusual.’ They will convert anyone who listens to The Scorpion In The Story album.”

Czékus Mihály - Gondoal (Hungary)

“The use of incredible backing musicians means nothing if there is not truth in the songwriting, but fortunately, this is not the case… with Tori Sparks. The Scorpion in the Story [is] a success… it is time that the world pays more attention to this woman.”

Ingo Andruschkewitsch - Musik an Sich

“If her music needed to be categorized, Tori Sparks would define it as Americana, with her influences ranging from Rock and Folk to Blues and Jazz fusion. However, when it comes down to it, Tori just sounds like Tori,”

Lisa Giaramita - Strum Magazine

“As a songwriter, [Tori Sparks] moves from mid-tempo honky-tonk songs to delicate emotive folk ballads…Sparks has a strong and versatile voice and should win over many people with her thoughtful and expressive songs.”

David Hintz - Folkworld

“Amazing how you can feel so much power in a song without crying out loud.”

Editor - The Country Startpage

“What was most impressive was the breadth of the entertainment. Funny, witty, a lot of local knowledge woven in, and of course quality music and stage presence. Well done, Tori Sparks. "Tori Sparks' music made me do it."”

Dan Bonné - Smells Good Productions

“Sparks' talent for brewing great Americana songs is already clear from the first notes of opener "Tall Towers" ...and by the second track on the album, I was hooked. …The way Sparks tells a story through song, and even manages in a mere four minutes, to bring the listener from a smile to a tear and bring back, is phenomenal. Let nothing stop you from listening to Tori Sparks.”

Freddy Celis - Rootstime (Belgium)

“This is why I wanted to get into the music business: Tori Sparks gave a take-no-prisoners performance of the kind that I've only ever seen from Bruce Springsteen and David Olney. And her music is fantastic.”

Chris Austin - The Chris Austin Agency

“Tori Sparks [is] a dynamic young folk-rock songwriter based in Nashville… something of a power…”

Jeff Pepper Rodgers - Acoustic Guitar

“Do not attempt to operate heavy machinery while listening to Tori Sparks! I mean this in the best possible way, of course. Wow.”

Andrew Wiechman - WJCT 89.9FM Jacksonville

“Even as singer-songwriters go, Nashville-based Tori Sparks is a bit of a self-confessed enigma, for on her extensive touring she displays a persona almost as much akin to a stand-up comedian as a folk musician. Her gift for musical storytelling, however, is strongly in evidence on The Scorpion In The Story… Any quirkiness is sufficiently present to make it interesting, but doesn't intrude on the message or the narrative. …Tori herself certainly makes sparks fly.”

David Kidman - NetRhythms

“[Tori Sparks] comes across as a forceful and dynamic performer. At times she comes across with an elemental force as on “Blue Tattoo” or the fiddle driven swagger of “Tiger’s Mouth” [from her new album The Scorpion in the Story]…There is a muscular depth to the songs with plenty of light and shade.”

Paul Kerr - Americana UK

“Sparks has earned herself a reputation of being a do-it-yourself musician. Her combination of raw musical talent and personable charm have earned Sparks the privilege to perform at venues all over the world. The truly remarkable thing about Tori’s success is just how much of it that she does on her own…. Sharing influence from Tom Waits and U2, to Patty Griffin and Jeff Buckley, [her] music is equally as unique. --James Jean, Dream Row Magazine”

James Jean - Dream Row Magazine

“Tori Sparks is one of the hardest working songwriter/performers in the business. She is a relentless powerhouse with an ever-growing and highly devoted fan base. She brings a raw yet elegant presence to the stage as she satisfies her captives with delicately fine tuned lyrics coupled with edgy (the cool kind) melodies. No sit on a stool and play kind of stuff here, this girl's an artist who happens to be an exceptional songwriter.”

“[Tori Sparks’] The Scorpion in the Story sounds Amazing with a capital A.”

Eric Cohen - Music Director, WAER 88.3FM

“Blending unconventional lyrics with fusion of folk, rock and blues, [Tori] Sparks is known for audience interaction and her a DIY (do-it-yourself) work ethic. …Sparks has become a go-to person, sought after for advice by up-and-coming songwriters and musical artists.”

Lee Clark Zumpe - Tampa Bay Leader

“You might not have heard Tori Sparks on the radio yet, but it won’t be long before this critically acclaimed singer/songwriter hits a speaker box near you. Tori’s folksy and ethereal sounds [can be] compared to the likes of Joni Mitchell and Ani DiFranco…”

Michelle Profis - INSite Magazine

“The Scorpion in the Story is #4 on NYC's Radio Crystal Blue Top 10 CDs of 2009, #16 on Most Played Albums of All time.”

Dan Herman - Radio Crystal Blue

“The Scorpion in the Story: One of the Top Ten Albums of 2009”

Evert Wilbanks, Editor - Folkwax

“Intensity is carrying the 25-year-old Sparks to ever-greater accolades… what she is representing… is basically the song of her soul.”

Christine Hawe - The Sarasota Herald-Tribune

“Tori Sparks...highlights [any] event.”

Lidia Dinkova - The Gainesville Sun

“Tori Sparks is a combination of Ani DiFranco steeped in Nashville and the Cowboy Junkies' Margo Timmins hopped up on Red Bull. …Sparks' songwriting, punctuated by her come-hither hair flips, proved to be a delicious mix.”

Mel Mason - Tucson Weekly

“Tori Sparks was a great addition to our concert series! Her rich vocals and engaging stories drew a crowd. She connected with the students like few artists I’ve seen. We can’t wait to have her back on campus!”

““Tori was simply spectacular on stage... She is a true star with such enthusiasm, and completely original music that dives deeply into the hearts and minds of those lucky enough to see/hear her in person." --Skyy Guy, Skyy Guy, She-Boom! Radio, CHLY 107.3FM”

“This multi-talented artist really struts her stuff... Her warm gutsy vocals are full of soul… mixed with lots of attitude. You’ll want this one for your record collection. ”

Brad Fischer - Nashville Music Guide

“Sparks lets go of the typical restraints of the singer-songwriter stigma… She makes me want to grab hold of life... Sparks shows something that many artists forget—the truth. ”

Jeff Russell - Murfreesboro Pulse

“Sparks’ hard work and constant touring is starting to pay off… Musically, Sparks doesn’t sound much like… any other young female singer-songwriter you’ve ever heard. ”

Michael Summers - Fort Wayne Reader

“Tori didn't need a backing band; her witty banter and engaging storytelling—such as her detailed account of an almost-doomed gig in New York City, and a song about a session singer from Memphis taking a stand against an oppressive spouse—made for a wonderful performance.”

Mel Mason - Tucson Weekly

“Tori can rock so seductively then revert to a striking emotive process... there is nothing formulaic that you can pigeon-hole. ”

Carmine Pascuzzi - Media Search(Australia)

“When Tori began to sing I got chills down my entire body. I have never been in a room where a woman, or man’s for that matter; voice can bring me to that level. ...From song to song, I just wanted more... The show was a success from every possible angle…I was nothing short of completely pleased.”

Ricky Lee Potts - IndyConcerts.com

“All of her hard work is starting to pay off... Yet, with all the apparent beginnings of commercial success, Sparks remains incredibly focused on the reason she sings and plays: the passion that fuels the creation of her music. ”

Don Swaby - Melt Magazine

“…Both concise and taut mixtures of lyrics with music that are thoughtful and evocative without being pretentious. … Discover Sparks’ powerful voice now…! ”

Ron Saranich - Cosmik Debris

“I found her vocal stylings interesting, different…Her music possesses a grit and angst not heard much today… ”

Brooke Welu - Northeast InTune Magazine

“A fearless performer, she is notorious for her blend of quirky humor and fiery delivery and has fused a sound and astyle that is unmistakably her own.”

Cassaundra Baber - Utica Life & Times

“[Tori Spark's] voice has the gritty blues of countrified Etta James and the cool growl of Janis Joplin. [Under This Yellow Sun] is blessedly full of simple truth, kick ass guitar riffs and soul baring song writing. … It's obvious that Tori Sparks is the real thing. ”

Carolina Jones - Unsigned Magazine

“Sparks. . . [has] stuck to her muse and it was exactly what people wanted.”

John Stoehr - Savannah Morning News

“Sparks’ bluesy vocals and intensely rhythmic groove paints a sexy and sultry sound that’s a joy to hear in any venue… [the] songstress rocked the room, drew listeners from tables in the back to the stage front and pulled people in from off the street (yes, during SXSW) to hear her...”

Anny Randel - Savvant Music

“[Tori's] dynamic live show is equal parts soulful singing and zany stand-up-style humor... falls somewhere between Dixie rock, folk blues, and Americana. ”

Joyce Arnold - City at Night Magazine

“[Tori] should add The Pretenders to [her] list of influences. In a good way. I’d take that any day.”

Ben Folds - artist

“Just damn good… [an] exuberant and muscular vocalist/songwriter/guitarist.”

Chris Uebbing - Infringe This!

“[Sparks] packs a wallop of a voice… each song proves that she’s more than just a pretty face. ”

Paul Barbatano - Dayton City Paper

“There is a very sensual quality to her voice. It just drips with emotion...damn near heartbreaking. ...The songs are well written, interesting and catchy without being trite. The musicianship is fabulous... a fantastic album.”

Amy Lotsberg - Collected Sounds

“[Tori] is an excellent songwriter... Her songs are well crafted, personal and at times introspective. ... More than anything, Sparks deserves to be recognized for her voice. It can take her about anywhere she wants -- it's that good.”

David Bowling - The DailyVault

“Like Natalie Merchant and Madeline Peyroux getting together to do heroin... in an awesome sultry way. ”

CJ Watson - 2008 Kerrville New Folk Winner

“Besides her great talent, Tori is also one of the hardest-working independent artists out there. ”

Michael Jonathan - Woodsongs Old-Time Radio Hour

“Tori Sparks is aptly named – she definitely has that spark in her performance! ”

Chuck Leavell - Pianist for the Rolling Stones (1982 - present)

“Tori Sparks is… a guitar whiz. ”

Steve Shanafelt - The Mountain Xpress (Bele Chere Festival Preview)

“[Tori Sparks] has displayed... a voice that is equal parts elegant, striking and rangy, while her songs can be soothing, evocative, or energetic. ”

Ron Wynn - Nashville City Paper

“Tori is a treat to have live in the studio... An excellent songwriter with incredible, fun energy. ”

Nick James - WFPK 91.9FM Louisville

“Those are the songwriting skills of someone like Roseanne Cash…Providence RI [from Under this Yellow Sun] has Springsteen a la Nebraska or Darkness on the Edge of Town magic about it.”

Jon Delange - Tinderbox Music

“Tori Sparks manages to avoid the misstep of sounding like every other coffeehouse-circuit singer… [she] wisely avoids the write-the-same-song-twelve-times approach favored by many young artists. Every track... sounds like Tori Sparks, but none of the songs sounds like another one. ”

Bill Kopp - Skope Magazine

“With the grit of Chrissie Hynde, the sadness of Martha Davis in the Motels, and the pure sensualness of Margo Timmins from the Cowboy Junkies, this girl hurls you onto planet Sparks and leaves you there ...[Tori Sparks] is truly, one of the most original artists I have heard in a long, long time. ”

Rebecca Rego - Music News Nashville

“Scorpion is my favorite record I've heard in years. It hasn't left my CD player!”

Bart Herbison - Executive Director of NSAI (Nashville)

“Drenched in drama, featuring Sparks’ torrid vocals splashed over self-penned, alternative roots-rock numbers that sizzle with authenticity.”

LCB - Performing Songwriter

“A sensuous blend of folk, blues and rock. … Sparks proves herself a soulful songwriter and vocalist who at once manages both strength and vulnerability. An assured, auspicious disc that should bring [Sparks] deserved national attention. [4 stars]”

Amanda Schurr - Creative Loafing

“Tori Sparks [is] a folky singer/songwriter graced with a fiery, gutsy delivery worthy of Ani DiFranco… [5 stars] ”

Margaret Reges - All Music Guide

“Sparks needs little in the way of effects or layering to get her music across… strong and fabulous… ”

Jason MacNeil - PopMatters

“The Scorpion in the Story is an Americana opera. I've listened to it at least a couple hundred times already. ”

Larry Timko - Down Home Cookin' with Larry T (WKIX)

“Tori Sparks is one of those independent singer-songwriters who’s so driven it seems like signing with a record label would only slow her down. Sparks sings with distinct intensity—Scorpion is bluesy folk-rock in a Tom Waits vein: rough-edged, worldly-wise and potent. ”

Jewly Hight - The Nashville Scene

“Here is a supple, teasing voice that flutters and flies seemingly without effort from note to note, line to line, so that weepy sensitivity and pleading vulnerability cozy up with tough resilience and firm resolve so seamlessly you never even notice the mood swing.”

Jeff Tamarkin - Harp Magazine

“Here’s a singer/songwriter with the strong, eloquent vocals of Bonnie Raitt and the guitar mastery of Joni Mitchell... a bounty of subtle rock and haunting blues. ”

Nancy Dunham - Relix

“The talented Tori Sparks… is a knockout… ”

Joe McCombs - The Village Voice