Torch Entertainment Dallas / Press

"Eventually, everything must come to an end. And, sadly, it was time for Calling All War to call it quits. It was the bands hometown farewell (their final show was in Austin the following night) and they were making a little extravaganza out of it. Reno’s Chop Shop was where it was happening at (which I’d never been to until tonight), and Torch Entertainment had put together a nice line-up of bands leading up to CAW"

"he's been a part of it all since was barely old enough to get into the clubs to see bands play. Idell cut his teeth working on former KEGL-97.1 FM The Eagle jock Robert Miguel's series of live shows that spotlighted the hard rock/metal genre. After a year or so, he branched out on his own and formed Torch Entertainment, which is aimed at creating buzz about regional bands of not only the rock and metal genre (clearly his main forte, though), but hip-hop, industrial, and other realms, too, through creating compilation CDs and the like.